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Cellulite: The curse of the jiggle

Models across the world suffer from the cellulite syndrome, which could be quite an embarrassment.

fashion and trends Updated: Apr 14, 2011 00:43 IST
Roma Arora

Last month, Kate Moss, 37, stunned everyone at the finale of the Paris Fashion Week, walking the ramp in Louis Vuitton hot pants and a cigar in her hand. But that’s not all that caught everyone’s attention at the front row. The glaring cellulite around her bum stood out amidst everything else. Well, she is not the only one caught in this cellulite syndrome.

“Cellulite is a major problem with models in India too. It comes with age, but nowadays you will find them on models as young as 18. And you cannot even hide it with make-up,” says makeup expert Ambika Pillai, who works closely with some of the top models in India. Also known as the orange peel syndrome, cellulite can instantly make your body look old and bulgy.

CelluliteSo what is actually cellulite? In simple words, it’s unwanted accumulated fat. Dr Naresh Sharma of Chase Aroma Clinic elaborates, "Concentrated fat cells in various parts of the body like upper arms, thighs and waist line is known as cellulite. It’s mainly a problem with people who have a stressful and sedentary lifestyle. Models are no exception as most of them have awry lifestyles that leave with them little time to rest or workout." Consequently, for models, cellulite can be a big embarrassment. Model Tina Chatwal says, "Cellulite, especially around the bums and thighs, is a major problem with several models."

Poor diet, poor physical maintenance and mental stress are the primary causes of cellulite formation. Excess sodium consumed in the form of common salt also leads to the retention of water, which encourages the formation of cellulite. That’s why a regular exercise programme is very important as it helps the body to dissolve existing cellulite deposits and prevent the formation of new ones. Model Montu Tomar says, “Un-healthy diet and poor work out regime results in uneven bulges that become visibly prominent. To get rid of cellulite, you must have a nutritious diet and work out regularly.” Fashion choreographer Tania Lefebvre feels, “If you want to survive in this glamour world, you have to be cellulite free!”

Control that cellulite
Diet: A well balanced diet is very efficacious in treating cellulite. A nutritious diet comprises of milk, meat (fish, Chicken), vegetables, fruits and cereals.

Food to be avoided: Spiced meats, highly fatty foods, fried snacks such as potato chips, white bread, pastries, excessively salted food, nuts, alcohol and coffee.

Physical exercise: Regular exercise promotes a sense of well being as well as reduces the stress of everyday life. Brisk walking, jogging and swimming also evenly distributes the flesh in the body.

Going natural
Aroma therapy oils like geranium oil, juniper berry etc, mixed with grapefruit or grape seed help cutting off cellulite.

Herbal teas and coffee, which include dandelion, green coffee leaves, green tea leaves, cinnamon and cardamom, help getting rid of cellulite by producing heat and causing sweat, which in turn helps reduce the the hard fat.