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WLIFW- Behind fashion’s glamour

The Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week has just begun in the Capital. The models strutting the runway in chic outfits, the front-row glitterati and the frenzy of the shutterbugs — amid all this glamour one may not think about the legal hassles and contracts that bind the event.

fashion and trends Updated: Feb 16, 2012 13:50 IST
Hindustan Times

The Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week has just begun in the Capital. The models strutting the runway in chic outfits, the front-row glitterati and the frenzy of the shutterbugs — amid all this glamour one may not think about the legal hassles and contracts that bind the event.

From participating designers to designers putting up a stall; hair and makeup experts to models; show choreographers to DJs — all sign legal contracts that ensure a disciplined and timely occurrence of the fashion showcase. We bring you the non-glamorous side of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week that’s bound with contracts and legalities unknown to many.

FashionAll about the stalls

The Fashion Design Council Of India (FDCI), event’s organisers get requests from participating designers to rent stalls for the five-day fashion week. Sunil Sethi, president, FDCI says, "There is a legal contract that has strict guidelines, such as designers cannot mention their preferences for stalls, but are assigned the places."

A basic stall structure is provided at a fixed amount of approximately R1 lakh that includes an inventory of three chairs, six lights and three racks; any extra requisites are available for a nominal charge. The designers are under a contract of no branding or ambush marketing outside their stall. The designers can use their creative influences and their branding only within their stalls.

Makeup matters
The makeup section also comes under the legal subject and contract bindings. The makeup partners, beauticians and the hairstylists are pre-decided based on their work. The contract includes all relevant information including fees structure, products to be used and flexibility of work. Hema Bhatia, head makeup expert, MAC, says, “I work for MAC hence in our contract it’s specifically mentioned to use their products and FDCI allots us the designers for whom we will be working during the fashion week. We’re not suppose to work anywhere else except the fashion week during these five days.”

A makeup artist on condition of anonymity informs that models are often finicky about the products used on them and have specific preferences.

Music is the key
While mostly it’s the designers and the choreographers who choose the background score, the event organisers have to obtain a music licence. Sowmya Chawdhury, country head, Phonographic performance Ltd. (PPL) says, “Any music that is used for a commercial purpose and can involve profits for the party playing it needs a music license. The licence is available for Rs 5,000. All the fashion weeks are required to obtain this licence as our company covers almost 90% of all record labels.

There have been offenders in the past, such as the case of Bangalore fashion week, last month, where they refused to obtain a license and the court ordered an injunction that they could not play music from our records.”

Model moment
Each year three pools are created from the selected models for the fashion week. The models are hired through a legal contract that gives guidelines for their involvement in the fashion fete. Sethi says, “Each model is signed on a different contract that includes their exclusive availability for 10 days and a code of conduct that they need to follow.”

The models are hired for an amount ranging from R10,000 to R50,000 per show. Model Laxmi Rana says, “Money is deducted in case of late arrivals at fittings and shows.” She says that models are also under contract to get along our own basic wardrobe such as stockings, shoes, etc. The models also have to work on the rehearsals of sponsored shows after the day’s shows are over.

Sponsor details
At a fashion event, sponsored shows are very important, as not only the sponsors bear the cost but also bring the celebrity brand ambassador on the ramp. Huge amount of investment goes into a fashion week. The sponsors are finalised weeks in advance. Critical elements like the look, the theme and the presentation for the Fiama Di Wills show are decided at least 4-6 weeks before the finale night.

Atul Chand, divisional chief executive, ITC, Lifestyle & Retailing Division, says, “It is very difficult to quote a specific monetary figure that goes into hosting a fashion week, since this is market sensitive. Investments are spread over tie-up with designers, branding, communication, special sections at the Wills Lifestyle stores, etc.”

Fashion week first-timers
The runway is set, the garments are ready, and the spotlight is on. But are the models, especially the fashion week first-timers, ready for the ongoing Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week? We talk to four fashion week first-timers to know how they have prepared themselves for the fashion week. From their diet plan and fitness regimen to their mental preparations, the models have changed their lifestyle to get in tune with the fashion week routine.

They share with us their diet and fitness routine during the fashion week.

Dayana Erappa, 21
I have done a few fashion shows before, but this is the first time I am part of a fashion week in Delhi. I’m away from home (Bengaluru) for the fashion week and I hardly get any time to go to the gym as I am staying in a service apartment. However, I try to get as much sleep as possible to recuperate from the hectic fashion week routine.

I don’t believe in dieting, but due to such a hectic routine my eating regimen has gone for a toss. I make sure that I drink a lot of green tea to keep myself hydrated. I usually have coffee when I am at the rehearsals for the fashion shows. For lunch, I mostly have salads or grilled chicken or fish. For dinner, I stick to the simple dal and chapatti.

Exercise routine
I haven’t been going to a gym regularly here. But in Bengaluru, I have a strict exercise routine where I exercise daily. To get in shape for the fashion week, I’m doing basic exercises like squats, crunches and push ups.

Mitali Rannorey, 22
Since I have been groomed by designer Prasad Bidapa and have also walked the ramp for the Lakme fashion week, there’s not much to prepare. But yes, I’m extremely excited as this is a huge platform for me.

For the fashion week, I make sure that I start my day by having a glass of warm water with honey and generally tend to skip breakfast, which I know is a very bad habit. Whenever I find time I eat roti or poori. My meals consist of chapattis and vegetables, but no rice.

Exercise routine
I hit the gym for an hour everyday but there is no gym around, so I do Suryanamaskar for about 20 minutes everyday along with crunches. I focus on my abdomen, waist and calves while exercising.

Reha Sukhija, 21

I do a lot of shows in Mumbai but of course I’m excited that this will be my first fashion week in Delhi. I’m quite a foodie, but during shows I avoid eating junk and keep a tab on my diet. diet plan I generally have 4-5 egg whites with 1 or 2 toasts for breakfast. For lunch I have chapattis, dal and vegetables. I also eat a lot of fruits and curd. Dinner is very light and often I have a salad.

Exercise routine
I am concentrating a lot on my body for fashion week. I regularly work out in the gym for about two hours everyday and do a lot of cardio and light weight training.

Sheela Tiruchi
I have educated myself by seeing other experienced models and by keeping a track of the latest trends. I learned the Alexander technique in Germany to improve my posture. For the WLIFW, I’m trying to focus and stay calm by meditation.

I only consume proteins and have cut out carbohydrates from my diet. I eat a heavy breakfast. For lunch, I have salads and soup with some fish and vegetables, at dinner I eat only soup and salads.

Exercise routine
I try to keep myself fit by dancing or running. I also workout in the gym for about two hours. Since, I’m a newbie I focus a lot on practicing the walk whenever I find the time, as each garment needs its own way of walk, style and poses.

First Published: Feb 15, 2012 17:35 IST