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Natural ways of birth control

The first seven and the last seven days of the menstrual cycle are considered to be safe periods for unprotected sexual intercourse.

health and fitness Updated: Apr 26, 2010 13:31 IST
Dr Kavan Lakdawala
Dr Kavan Lakdawala
Hindustan Times

Know about hygiene factor

I have a strict religious upbringing. I want to know natural ways of birth control. I dislike abortions.
In the natural method of family planning, usually the calendar method is advocated. In this, the first seven and the last seven days of the menstrual cycle are considered to be safe periods for unprotected sexual intercourse. The days of menses too are considered safe.

Temperature method is based on the assumption that just prior to the date of ovulation, the basal body temperature of the female rises. In the past, even the cervical smear method was advocated though is now hardly used due to inconvenience. Coitus interruptus involves the male withdrawing the penis from the female vaginal tract, just prior to the sensation of ejaculation.

The natural methods of contraception have a high failure rate. Please discuss in detail with your doctor and your partner regarding various family planning techniques.Whatever your religious values, abortion is legalised in our country under the MTP act.

Do all boys grow hair around their private parts? Can it be shaved?
The area around the penis, the base of the penis, inner thighs and the scrotum are sites of hair growth in males after puberty. The hair growth of the pubertal period is due to the interplay between various hormones in the body.

The hair in these private parts needs to be trimmed from regularly, lest they become infected. Good hygiene involves cleaning the parts daily during bath with soap and water. Shaving is another alternative. Various hair removal creams are available in the market. Use any method you find convenient.

What are the advantages of emergency pills? Any side effects?
All coins have two sides. As the name suggests, the emergency pill needs to be used only in an unexpected event. It needs to be consumed within 72 hours of unprotected sexual intercourse. The second pill needs to be taken twelve hours after the first pill. They reduce the chances of unwanted pregnancy by preventing the fertilised egg from remaining in the uterus.

However, they contain higher amounts of hormones. Unsolicited use for a long period can lead to its own set of side affects. They offer no protection against STDs. The pills are definitely not hundred percent safe and effective. They are recommended only under strict medical supervision.

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