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As Lizzo, Gigi Hadid, Sydney Sweeney flaunt flower power at their tips, 3D floral nail art blooms on the red carpet

ByAbigail banerji
Jun 08, 2024 09:39 PM IST

This trend was spotted at the recent Met Gala and makes your nails a stunning accessory on your big day

Seen at this year's Met Gala, at movie premieres and on social media, the 3D floral nails are blooming on the red carpet. The annual charity event that's held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, USA, was themed The Garden Of Time. This gave celebrities the opportunity to show off their interpretation and inspiration on their nails. From model GiGi Hadid to singer Lizzo and actors Teyana Taylor and Eyo Edebiri, all were sporting flowery nails.


Taking things to the next level, actor Sydney Sweeney opted for tri-dimensional nails for the movie premier of her film Immaculate. She wore a top by Balmain that featured a pair of hands holding a bouquet of flowers. Her nails drew inspiration from her bustier and had tiny white flowers on a light pink base.

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Calling it “tiny works of art”, Shweta Ghadge, nail artist, Mary Cohr, says, “3D floral nails have a special appeal because they take nail creativity to a whole new level. These designs add texture and depth, and allow for unique andeye-catching visual stories, making for an exciting and interesting manicure.”


Eyo Edebiri's floral nail extensions for the Met Gala (Instagram)

Talking about visual interest, singer Lizzo’s “glass 3D nails” was scarily beautiful. With beige stiletto nails, celebrity nail artist Eri Ishizu placed five delicate glass-like petals to create a flower that was akin to the pink flower emoji.

Annie Gonzalves, nail artist at Apple Unisex Salon, says, “The 3D floral nails are popular because they look unique and stylish. They make your nails stand out, and are perfect for special events and making a fashion statement.” This trend, both nail experts agree offer a fresh way to express your personal style like singer Dove Cameron, who has made 3D floral nails a part of her personality. She has been flaunting varying styles of these nails for her birthday and at the Met Gala, as well.

Sydney Sweeney shows off her 3D floral nails (Instagram)

The experts suggest matching your nails to the seasons: bright mango colours for summer and delicate blossoms for winter. 3D nails can be a big hit for the wedding season too, as they add a touch of elegance and glamour to your look, making your nails a stunning accessory for the big day.

Gonsalves says, “If you want to wear these floral nails on a daily basis, match your nails to your clothes and your fashion style for a polished look. Pick colours and designs that will complement the majority of your outfits.”

Shweta Ghadge cautions, “If you are going to get 3D floral nails, follow your nail artist’s advice and get the nail extensions removed or refilled every two to three weeks. Regular maintenance will keep your nails looking great and ensure they last longer.”

3D nails can be a big hit for the wedding season (Instagram)

Expert tips onhow to take care of your nails

Wash your nails with a soft brush and soap to keep them clean from dirt. Always dry your hands thoroughly after washing.

Moisturise your nails and cuticles regularly to prevent cracking and dryness, stimulate nail growth, and stop the gel or acrylic from lifting off the nail bed.

Be gentle with your hands, especially with the nails while opening or lifting heavy things. Avoid using your nails as tools, such as for opening cans or packages, to prevent breakage.

Opt for shorter nails and fewer 3D flowers for everyday styles (Instagram)

3D floral nails need a lot of upkeep, so visit the nail salon to fix any broken pieces to keep them looking pretty.

Before getting 3D nails, think about your routine. If you're very active, choose simpler designs that won’t break easily.

If you are a newbie to nail art and start with simpler designs or only having them on 1-2 nails.

Wear gloves when doing household chores to protect your nails from damage.

Inputs from nail artists Shweta Ghadge and Annie Gonzalves

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