Marital discord ruining life
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Marital discord ruining life

My wife and I share a cordial relationship. But the greatest problem is that she dislikes my family and vice-versa. I am torn between the two families. What should I do?

india Updated: Apr 01, 2006 19:56 IST


Marital discord ruining life

My wife and I share a cordial and warm relationship from past two years (it was a proper arranged marriage, no problems of dowry. The greatest problem is that she dislikes my parents and brother and my parents dislike her due to various incidents in the past. They are very temperamental and have argued bitterly on many occasions. My parents want my Wife and in-laws to apologize whereas wife & in-laws find fault with parents' behaviour. I am torn between the two warring parties. What is the logical step to take in such a situation?


Embarrassing stretch marks

I am a 22-year-old girl about to get married in a few months. Due to few extra pounds, I have stretch marks on my arms and legs. I feel very embarrassed because of them and can't even wear sleeveless tops or short skirts. I also feel uncomfortable opening up to my husband physically due to this. Please help and advice if there is any cure for it.


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No pain, no pleasure!

I am 27-years-old and unmarried. My foreskin, during erection comes back from the head normally. And I don't find any pain during masturbation. But a small part of the foreskin remains attached to the tip of the organ. But this attachment doesn't prevent uncovering the total head of the penis. However, I can't pull the foreskin beyond the head due to that attachment. Is it normal? I have heard that for phimosis, the head doesn't come out of the foreskin. But in my case, it comes out completely but with one small part attached to the tip. The attachment portion is in the bottom part of the penis. Will this create problem after marriage?

Subhra Sanyal

Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
As long as the attached foreskin is not interfering in erection and ejaculation it is harmless and it does not cause any problem in married life. However, whenever in doubt one should consult a surgeon for a physical examination.


'I reach climax before time'

I am married from last three years. My problem is that I ejaculate very soon (about 3-5 minutes). I want to know the average time for a man to ejaculate during sexual intercourse.


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
There is no set limit or the average time for ejaculation. Any thing above two minutes or period sufficient for penetration is considered normal.


First Published: Apr 01, 2006 19:56 IST