Saawan - less said the better!

According to Ritujay Ghosh, Saawan is totally unsalvageable.

india Updated: Apr 08, 2006 20:33 IST

Saawan — The Love Season
Cast: Saloni Aswani, Kapil Jhaveri, Johnny Lever and Salman Khan
Dir: Sawan Kumar Tak
Rating: Pathetic

Even Salman Khan can’t save this one. The biggest flaw of Saawan — The Love Season is its weak storyline. And the film has below average performances by all — the two lead actors, Saloni Aswani and Kapil Jhaveri, and also Salman Khan, who has a special appearance.

The maker of hits like Sanam Bewafa and Souten Ki Beti, Sawan Kumar Tak has lost his touch. Saawan’s storyline seems stuck in a time warp. It is a typical eighties tale where boy meets girl and falls in love. Raj (Kapil Jhaveri) falls in love with Kajal (Saloni Aswani) and they are set to tie the knot. This is two-thirds of the film.

 Nothing much to see in this film, not even Salman's weird hair-do

Salman arrives with the song "Tu bhula de". But who he is (he doesn’t even have a name in the film) and where he comes from is not clear.

Almost like a messenger from God, Salman goes around making miracles happen and ensures the rest of the love story progresses smoothly.

Maybe Sawan (who has used Salman to bring in the crowds) believes that this ‘divine intervention’ can save the film. But it is impossible to swallow this tale. Even Salman looks like he sleepwalked through the film. His new hairdo is about the only thing that catches your eye (and not necessarily in a good way). Johnny Lever delivers his bit. And that’s saying a lot.

First Published: Apr 09, 2006 16:00 IST