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Traumatised Nandana returns from LA

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May 13, 2006 01:42 PM IST

The actress is not willing to go into the details of what happened in US while shooting for Rockin' Meera.

Nandana Sen has returned from the US shattered by the experience of working on a film called Rockin' Meera amid reports of her unprofessional behaviour during the shoot.

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"When I signed the film I never knew what awaited me. The director Param Gill had apparently been following my work and he told casting director Patricia Rose that he wanted me for the film. I was shooting another film called The Forest at the time. Now I regret ever going for Rockin' Meera," says Nandana.

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She is shocked about reports that claim she was unprofessional during the shooting. "I am bewildered because there is not even one fact that is true in what's been said about my involvement with Rockin Meera! Obviously, the journalist's source is entirely unreliable," she remarks.

However, she is not willing to go into the details of what happened in Los Angeles (LA). "I don't want to discuss why I did not do the film because it is unpleasant. A key person involved with the film behaved extremely unprofessionally. His behaviour was shockingly inappropriate, in breach of all laws of professional and personal ethics, and made me extremely uncomfortable."

She says the project had been offered to her through her American manager Jill. "Given the unfair and intolerable circumstances, and the production's inability to take appropriate measures to mend the situation, both Jill and my lawyer Jodi advised me to not do the film."

Nandana is shocked at the way basic facts have been distorted by "informed sources" to prove she was unprofessional. "I shot for only one day for the film, not five, and I was the first person to arrive on set at 5 am, along with the American makeup artist, long before any others arrived. There was no question of being late. Nor did I ever demand a personal trainer. That is laughable and preposterous!

Contrary to reports, Nandana says that Gill was delighted with her performance. "He said he was especially impressed by my professionalism when during one of the first shots, heavy shooting equipment came crashing down on my head. Far from throwing any alleged 'tantrums', I just continued with the shot even though others on the set were horrified. The director even left me voicemail messages thanking me for being such a sport, and voluntarily sent me a DVD of the scene we shot because he enjoyed working with me so much."

The abrupt disruption of Rockin' Meera has left Nandana with a lot of unused time but she says that she is kept quite busy and is looking forward to her next three releases.

"I have just completed an eco-friendly film - Ashwin Kumar's The Forest. It is an entirely American film produced by actor Richard Dreyfuss. It is a love triangle featuring me, Javed Jaffrey and Ankur Vikal, formatted as a thriller set in the forest. We shot at Jim Corbett for a stretch of two months. It was a beautiful experience."

Nandana has also completed a romantic comedy It's A Mismatch directed by Ajmal Ahmad. "I play a Gujarati-American girl falling in love with a Punjabi guy. My dad is Boman Irani who is amazing."

And finally there is the Salman Khan starrer Marigold, though Nandana admits that she has a cameo in the film. "But it is the third-most important character in Marigold. In fact I am dubbing the Hindi version shortly. They had a screening in LA in February, which went very well. These are the positive developments in my career."

"As for Rockin' Meera, I'd rather forget about it and move on."

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