The bird nibbling at the tea packet with well-spaced bites.(Reddit/@Thund3rbolt)
The bird nibbling at the tea packet with well-spaced bites.(Reddit/@Thund3rbolt)

Call this pet parent a Disney Princess because a birdie is helping her out with household chores

This helpful birdie may remind you of Cinderella’s friends from the sky.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Sanya Budhiraja
PUBLISHED ON MAY 30, 2020 03:54 PM IST

Many of us may have grown up watching fairytales produced by Disney. These storylines usually have a female lead with a song-bird like voice and a sidekick from the animal kingdom. Well, this pet parent, who is taking her birdie’s help to open a tea packet, may remind you of those Disney princesses who often also take help from their animal friends.

This 20-second-long clip was posted on Reddit on May 29. The video has been shared to the subreddit ‘animals being bros’ with a caption that reads, “Good bird helps human open package”.

The recording starts with a birdie sitting inside a slightly ajar drawer. The pet parent is then heard saying, “Hi. Moma needs some tea. Will you help me open it?” as she extends a packet of Oregon Chai Vanilla Latte Mix towards the animal. Understanding the instructions clearly and happy to comply, the bird gets to work. It starts nibbling at the tea packet and with a few well-spaced bites, tears it open.

The animal’s uncanny precision has got this post almost 48,500 upvotes and nearly 600 comments.

Does that helpful birdie video not remind you of a Disney princess with her friends from the sky?


Here is how Redditors reacted to the share. One person said, “Some people will put anything in their everything drawer”. While another individual wrote, “It’s the letter opener from the Flinstones”.

“I need one of these,” read one comment and we couldn’t agree more. Having such a beautiful and useful pet would surely be nice.

What are your thoughts on this birdie who is also doubling as a pair of scissors?

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