In Bed With Pranutan Bahl: “I regret not meeting my grandma, Nutan”

The actor talks about her family, learning Bharatanatyam, always reading a bit before going to bed and binging on cheese toast at night
Pranutan poses exclusively for this HT Brunch column; Location courtesy:Taj Lands End, Mumbai (Shivangi Kulkarni)
Pranutan poses exclusively for this HT Brunch column; Location courtesy:Taj Lands End, Mumbai (Shivangi Kulkarni)
Published on Oct 02, 2021 10:30 PM IST
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By Dinesh Raheja

Pranutan believes in manifestations. She says, “You attract what you speak about.” And her convictions have worked in her favour. Wary of being typecast as the girl-next-door after debuting with a love story Notebook, she auditioned for a polar-opposite role in the comedy Helmet, after telling herself: “Have a good audition as this role will display your versatility.”

Pranutan makes her decisions unaided and is comfortable watching her actor parents, Mohnish and Ekta, on screen. She admires her grandmother, actor Nutan, with whom she shares much of her name. She marvels, “Look at her range—from the comedy Paying Guest to the intense Kalyani in Bandini. There’s just one regret: I didn’t get to meet her.” ­

Tell us three talents that nobody knows you have.

1. I have been practising Bharatanatyam since I was eight. I adore the dance form.

2. I love to paint.

3. I sing a little bit. I’m just okey-dokey.

Do you watch TV in your bedroom?

I don’t have a TV in my bedroom because I think once you install a set, it’s always on and you tend to lounge and laze around watching mindlessly. I enjoy watching sitcoms like Friends and Two And a Half Men because they lighten up my mood.

Do you like reading in bed?

However tired I may be, I just have to read a little before I sleep, even if it’s just one page. I devour murder mysteries but I also like reading motivational books. A book I keep returning to is The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.

What’s on your bedside table?

My vitamins so that I don’t forget to take them before sleeping. Also, my books.

Name something you have bought but never used.

Lipsticks that I haven’t even tried yet.

Who, according to you, has bedroom eyes?

I find Bradley Cooper extremely good-looking. His look suggests a lot of romance.

What do you wear to bed?

Pyjamas and this special, soft, comfy T-shirt that I always wear before I sleep. I can’t fall asleep if I don’t wear it.

In a food-eating contest, which dish would bag you a prize?

Butter sada dosa or the chicken burger from McDonald’s or any amazing chicken pie or puff. I think I will win that contest.

What do you raid the fridge for at midnight?

Cheese toast.

Describe yourself in a hashtag.


This or that?

Downtown bungalow or sea-facing apartment?

Sea-facing apartment because I’ve grown up in one and I love it that I can see the sea 360 degrees. The endlessness of the ocean is just beautiful.

Staying with mom and dad or moving out to live alone?

Staying with family because of the bonds of love.

Prose or poetry?

Poetry. I used to write poems in school.

Skydiving or bungee jumping?


From HT Brunch, October 3, 2021

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