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Jewellery trends 2023: Tips for men and women to style their jewellery in chic and quirky ways

Jan 11, 2023 03:55 PM IST

From minimalist pieces to statement-making jewellery, there are countless options to choose from. Check out the top jewellery styling trends for 2023 here.

Jewellery trends have changed dramatically as modern women and men consider it an essential part of their wardrobe and style. With daily activities, office and work events and social gatherings back in full swing, consumers are looking at jewellery as style statements to stand out and express their individuality with creative pieces. The sector has been quick to note the change in perception of precious jewellery from a form of investment and value storage to a wardrobe essential. Brands are now focusing on minimalistic, contemporary jewellery designed for frequent wear and available across price points. In 2023, jewellery trends will be all about transitional pieces that can be worn from day to night, from casual to special occasions that hold personal significance, like different milestones. (Also read: Jewellery trends 2023: 5 most trendy men's jewellery pieces you must have in your new year collection )

Jewellery trends 2023: Tips for men and women to style their jewellery
Jewellery trends 2023: Tips for men and women to style their jewellery

Pallavi Sharma, Business Director, Platinum Guild India, shared, “We are seeing an increase in consumer interest in trying out different precious metals, with a marked growth in demand for platinum. In fact, globally, more and more celebrities are choosing platinum for their red-carpet moments. The metal’s natural whiteness is the ideal setting to bring out the brilliance of diamonds and colourful gemstones. Another exciting development is the advent of tech-led jewellery. The unique, intricately crafted designs and access through websites and apps have certainly increased consumer options beyond local stores to adopt more contemporary designs inspired by global trends." She further suggested jewellery styling trends for men and women and global trends to look out for in 2023.

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Women’s style trends:

Jewellery trends often reflect the current trends in clothing. There is a growing preference towards simplistic but elegant attire, bold colour pantsuits and solids instead of prints and accessories are all about adding oomph to the outfit. We expect women to sport statement jewellery that is bold yet elegant, with minimalistic well-crafted designs to stand out from the crowd.

From statement necklaces to eye-catching rings, earrings, and bracelets, these pieces will help you express your style and draw attention to your favourite features, such as your neckline or wrists. Choose from a variety of precious metals like platinum and add a touch of sparkle with diamonds and colourful gemstones.

Layering: Layering jewellery is a great way to express your individual style and create a unique look. With the right pieces, you can combine multiple necklaces, earrings, or bracelets to create an eye-catching and fashion-forward look. The emphasis will be on multi-functional jewellery that can be deconstructed into numerous smaller or longer pieces and worn for different looks and occasions. Combine beautifully crafted platinum jewellery with contemporary designs to transition from a power-packed boardroom discussion to a casual but chic brunch soiree.

Stacking: It is another trend that is on the rise. Popular stacking trends include layering multiple necklaces, mixing and matching different metal colours, and wearing rings on various fingers. For the bold, there will be a lot of room to experiment by combining different types of jewellery, like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, to express your personal style.

Men’s style trends:

Men are not far behind when it comes to conscious wardrobe choices. The overall look will be contemporary, with bold colours and quirky prints for a powerful look. Western streetwear will pick up, with room for experimenting with garments like sheer shirts. Breaking the traditional norms of masculinity, fashion jewellery is becoming an essential part of the modern man’s ensemble.

In response to this demand, brands are consciously exploring gender-fluid designs and creating men’s jewellery lines. In 2023, we expect more men to move beyond typical choices and branch out to experiment with different precious metals, opting for a range of statement jewellery.

Necklaces: Whether long and short, necklace will be increasingly popular among men. Whether you’re looking for something classic, bold, or modern, there are plenty of options to choose from. For a bolder statement, men can opt for pendants to match their mood and outfit. You can also choose to hang different types of pendants from slimmer chains or enhance the look by layering multiple unadorned chains beneath the pendant.

Rings and earring: Other popular jewellery items for men in India will include rings and earrings. They are perfect additions to any look, as they’re subtle and elegant. Try a platinum ring for an aristocratic polished look.

Stacking: It is a great way to express your personality, this trend will gain popularity. Jewellery pieces like necklaces, rings or bracelets can easily be paired to go with different types of attires. Adding a bracelet with a watch and a few rings will up the entire outfit.

Machine chains and bracelets: They come in an array of design options, complimenting a variety of outfits, will be a hit. The signature theme of infinity-shaped facets includes a series of interlinking pieces, alternating arcs, and intertwined motifs. Dual-tone links and unique centre pieces aesthetically placed within stunning platinum neckwear and wristwear will be trendy with Indian outfits as well as a more formal black-tie look.

Global trends to check out:

Internationally, trends have returned to bold, maximalist, and dramatic jewellery, which is expected to continue in 2023. Linear and cluster-style earrings worn with shorter necklaces that sit close to the collar will continue to increase in popularity. Large cluster earrings, diamonds and coloured gemstones and statement necklaces set in platinum will remain popular. Additionally, there will be an increased focus on the story behind the pieces, with many designers creating designs inspired by personal experiences, cultural heritage, and meaningful symbols.

Indian jewellery is renowned for its timeless beauty and intricate designs. Now, with global trends influencing this traditional jewellery, more and more modern pieces are being created. For example, you can find pieces that are inspired by global cultures, featuring symbols and intricate patterns from around the world. You can even find pieces with a fusion of traditional and modern elements, combining classic Indian designs with contemporary global trends.

From minimalist pieces to statement-making jewellery, there are countless options to choose from. Overall, the jewellery trends for 2023 will be focused on creativity and self-expression.

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