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Best summer fruits to relieve constipation, ease bowel movements

Mar 15, 2023 01:54 PM IST

Constipation during summer months is common owing to water loss due to high temperature. Fruits and vegetables play a key role in smoothening stools and easy bowel movements. Here are fruits you must eat in summer season.

Our gut health is related to our overall health and no wonder digestive issues likes constipation, bloating and acidity can affect our mental health, causing mood disorders, low energy during the day among a host of other health problems. Constipation is diagnosed when one doesn't get any bowel movement or very hard stools for 3 or more days. Bloating, stomach ache, cramps can be other symptoms of chronic constipation. Our diet is the primary cause of constipation. Eating deep-fried foods or those low on fibre, drinking very little water throughout the day, high stress are all contributing factors to constipation. (Also read: Foods to get rid of constipation naturally and ease bowel movement)

Constipation is diagnosed when one doesn't get any bowel movement or very hard stools for 3 or more days. (Unsplash)
Constipation is diagnosed when one doesn't get any bowel movement or very hard stools for 3 or more days. (Unsplash)

Eating a balanced diet can help one tackle gut issues effectively. Fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, and whole grains all have a high amount of soluble and isoluble fibre and help soften the stools and make them bulky, which facilitates it easier passage.

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Dehydration is more common in summer season due to the merciless heat, sweating and more requirement of water to keep the body cool. When there isn't enough water in our system, one tends to develop constipation. There are a variety of fruits that are high on water content apart from fibre that could play wonders for our gut health.

"Amongst the most common summer fruits, we have mango, berries, grapes, watermelon, papaya, apples, bananas, sweet oranges and muskmelon. The biggest advantage with fruit is the fact that it contains high water content, many of them are fibre-rich and they also help cut down sugar cravings. All of these are important points in relieving constipation and enhancing the effects of prebiotics in the gut," says Nutritionist Anupama Menon in an interview with HT Digital.

Another reason of constipation is eating high-sugar and high-calorie foods on a regular basis. Those post-lunch sweet cravings may tempt you to have that sinful dessert you were trying to avoid all day.

"When we are hit with sugar cravings especially in the evenings when stress may wear us through, nothing could stop one from reaching out to sinful chocolates/desserts and then wondering what hit us after that extreme sugar high. The effects of sugar are not great on the gut and maybe one of the top reasons for constipation," says Menon.

The nutritionist says having fruits is an amazing way to keep those sugar cravings away but also support your gut health.


Here are some summer fruits that can help relieve constipation:


An apple a day can keep gut issues away. Apples contain pectin that is a soluble fibre known to relieve constipation. Remember to eat apples with their skin and hence it may be advantageous to opt for organic apples.


Juicy and sweet oranges are an amazing way to keep constipation at bay. Oranges deliver a good fibre content along with the much-needed Vitamin C that provides us with a generous dose of antioxidant.


Papaya is one such summer fruit which if had as night snack or an evening snack could aid regular bowel movements.

Black raisins and prunes

Not to forget in all of this that your dry fruits like black raisins and prunes when soaked in water and had every morning could also help with a great moving gut.

Constipation hack

1 small banana + 4-5 soaked black raisins, 5 times/week, ½ hour before bed will contribute to good bowel and regular movements through the year.

"A great gut is equal to a great mind! Stop at nothing to ensure your gut has good health every single day," concludes Menon.

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