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Motivation 101: How you can turn your life around with just words

Jan 30, 2023 07:32 PM IST

The human form is only one aspect of your true being and I know how preposterous it sounds to be a human in the third dimension because what you see feels so real, so tangible. We, humans, impose limits on ourselves and we do this with thoughts and ideas that create a pattern of self-sabotage.

If I asked you right now, “How are you”, what will be your response? Let’s chalk it down to the most probable, “I am fine”, but is “fine” the right word to use? If anything, it sounds boring and done to death! Can we respond to this with more creativity? How about “Awesome” or “Fantastic” or “Fabulous”? These words may sound like exaggerated responses, but such superlatives tend to have solid impacts on the people you interact with according to top coaches and emotional wellness gurus.

Motivation 101: How you can turn your life around with just words(iStock)

You exist in an energy soup with different aspects of energy like vibrations, frequencies, sound and thought forms. There is a shift in our consciousness to be interactive with these fields, to be able to respond to them. The human form is only one aspect of your true being and I know how preposterous it sounds being a human in the third dimension because what you see feels so real, so tangible. The multidimensional “You” knows each dimension you inhabit, making it available to you through intuition and synchronicity. We humans impose limits on ourselves and we do this with thoughts and ideas that create a pattern of self-sabotage.

Is it possible to change the way we think and speak to live a richer existence? Is there a way to program the mind? The universe is a kind of a “mind” (or a Boltzmann brain!) and everything emerges from thought as the Descartian argument posits. We think, therefore we are! Esoteric teachings tell us, “We are the Universe”, but how can we grasp such a concept?

Who are we really? Are we angels or demons or a bit of both?

Alan Watts in his The Wisdom of Insecurity states that we can imagine that we are all devils with wicked aims in the heart, but logically we have to agree that there is a good chance that we are actually not devilish at all but we manifest the “devil” through words and actions. At the end of it, we are all ONE and we have incarnated with flesh bodies to explore how it feels to be in this third dimensional awareness. Nietzsche showed profound wisdom when he said there is more knowledge in the human body than in all the libraries combined! Always listen to your body.

For instance, when we feel sadness in our body, then we have to experience that feeling till it is absorbed. Once we’ve absorbed it, we start the process of processing. The thoughts we feel, the words we say add to our emotional output.

But what does it mean to be sad? Am I sadder than her or him; there’s a comparison to be made, but comparing ourselves to others is not a good idea. Who is better, who is happier? All this is subjective. If you keep reaffirming that you’re sad, well then what else will you be?

A very simple meditation is I AM NOT AN ADJECTIVE!

Let us scrutinize and study what is meant.

Say I am sad and then sit in silence observing the sensations in your body. What do you feel? Each breath bring awareness to the body and without any labels, just let the whole spectrum of feeling permeate your being. Shift your focus and get to step two.

Now try, I feel sad and observe the difference. Does it help to identify sadness as a momentary feeling rather than your state of perpetual being? Does it lighten the load?

I am greedy can be tried by contrasting the sensations with I feel greedy at times. By using these word associations, you realize that sometimes you’re compelled to greed but your core nature is not greedy. You can balance the feeling of being greedy at times with positive thoughts and self-affirmations, but if you believe you are greedy, then you form a negative self-image which can hamper self-development and growth.

Another way to express negative associations is to replace the negative word which has harmful connotations in your mind with a more benign word. Instead of telling yourself you’re greedy, you say I am able to receive. By refraining from saying negative things about yourself and by actually believing, you’re able to shift your outlook and develop self-confidence. Self-confidence is about acceptance and trust in yourself which is an irrefutable proof of self-growth. You can now evaluate your strengths and weaknesses with a no-frills attitude.

There is a famous anecdote used by Celebrity Life coach Tony Robbins who narrates a story about a Navy Seal commander who said “Good” every time a problem cropped up and this helped his brain focus on finding the pros in the situation instead of cons. This in turn, made him focus on solutions rather than problems! So, remember, it’s all GOOD!

Ultimately when we stare at the abyss of the unconscious, it begins to display images like a mirror and what is being reflected is our own beliefs and ideology. The judgement we have formed about a particular thing is reflected back at us, not the actual thing (if you get what I mean).

Our ego blindsides us and our very own mental projections appear as external manifestations, as obstacles and challenges; mere chimaeras of our own unresolved issues. When the mental projections are from a place of self-love, then we experience things with wonderment and joy, but when we are projecting incomplete self-love, we are tricking ourselves into believing the worst of people and this world. This stops us from accepting and acknowledging our own actions and taking responsibility.

Some terms are associated in your mind with the notion of sinfully bad and this has caused the “judgement” to form. If you’ve been taught certain things are bad, then it might be helpful to remember who taught you that and in what circumstances. You can write about this and then burn it and blow it in the air. You can also think of those concepts and then tap them out from your body. For instance if the words “Hell” or “Death” or “Sex” brings up anxiety, agitation and stress, then identify when you were told about these concepts and in what part of the body painful sensations are felt when you think about what you were taught. Slowly tap those emotional triggers away and remember, it’s all GOOD!

Be kind to yourself and watch what you say! Self-derogatory comments will demean the sense of Self which is why it’s imperative to be careful with words. They don’t call it spell-ing for nothing! It’s a spell you cast on yourself with each utterance. Actually, even a destructive thought can foster a sense of unease and dissatisfaction, so training the mind to cast out the toxicity becomes tantamount to emotional grounding and progress.

The article has been authored by Tina Mukerji, a soul guide working with Astrology, Tarot, Psychism, Yoga, Tantra, Breathwork and Mantras. She works to discover the inherent archetypes, by studying astrological charts.

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