Recipe: This super-delicious aloo paratha has a sabudana twist; how to make it - Hindustan Times

Recipe: This super-delicious aloo paratha has a sabudana twist; how to make it

Mar 09, 2022 05:30 PM IST

Are you an aloo paratha lover? Give your favourite comfort food a twist with some sabudana and roasted peanuts. Recipe of Chef Kunal Kapoor inside.

Aloo paratha is a comfort food for many. The stuffed flatbread with a spicy filling of mashed potatoes might have its origins in Punjab, but its popularity is growing across the country as it's quick to make, convenient to consume and can even be eaten on the go (roll it in an aluminium foil and relish it while you commute). Team it with spicy chutney, pickle, chopped onion or refreshing curd, aloo paratha tastes divine with any accompaniment. (Also read: Can potatoes help you lose weight? Here's what a nutritionist says)

Sabudana aloo paratha recipe by Chef Kunal Kapur(Instagram/Kunal Kapur)
Sabudana aloo paratha recipe by Chef Kunal Kapur(Instagram/Kunal Kapur)

We all know there is very little preparation that goes in making a yummy aloo paratha. All you need to do is - boil some potatoes, mash them, add a little bit of chopped onions and chilli to it, flavour it with your favourite spices and herbs and then stuff this filling in a dough ball made of atta (whole wheat), salt, ajwain and water. Roll it in circular shape and cook from both sides using a bit of oil.

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While this is the version of aloo paratha we have all grown up eating, adding a fresh twist to our favourite dish can be interesting too. Especially, if one is craving an aloo paratha while fasting, one can give a sabudana twist to it. Want to know how? Chef Kunal Kapur in his recent Instagram post shared an interesting recipe of Sabudana Aloo Paratha.

Sabudana Aloo Paratha

Recipe by Chef Kunal Kapur

Prep time - 30 mins (requires 4 hr soaking)

Cooking time - 20 mins

Makes 6 parathas


Sabudana - ½ cup + 3tbsp

Water - 1¼ cup

Potato (boiled & mashed) - 1cup

Sendha namak (rock salt) - to taste

Roasted cumin - 1½ tsp

Green chillies chopped - 1no

Roasted peanuts (finely crushed) - 3tbsp

Coriander chopped (optional) - handful

Butter paper/Plastic shoot - 2nos

Oil - for light greasing

Ghee - for shallow frying


* Soak some sabudana in a bowl and keep it aside for 4-6 hours.

* Take out the sabudana in a tray and add grated boiled potatoes to it.

* Add sendha namak, jeera, chopped green chilli.

* Take some more sabudana (unsoaked) and grind it to form powder. This will help bind the paratha. Add it to the mix.

* Take roasted peanut, cashew or almond to it and grind it coarse. Mash all the ingredients together and convert it into a dough.

* Divide the dough into small balls.

* Take butter paper and spread some oil on it. Take one ball and spread it with the help of your fingers in circular shape. Don't make it too thin or leave it thick. Try to shape it like a paratha.

* Heat a pan, spread a bit of oil. Now turn the butter paper upside down and remove it slowly, leaving paratha on the pan. Pour some oil and cook on medium flame.

* Cook it on both sides. Be careful while flipping it.

* Serve hot.

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