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5 tips for couples to build intimacy and trust in a relationship

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Jan 24, 2023 08:13 PM IST

Whether you are starting something new or have been with your partner for years, here are five tips by a psychotherapist to strengthen the emotional connection and build intimacy.

In modern times with multiple priorities and never-ending to-do lists, relationships can suffer due to lack of open communication and insufficient quality time, and a faultline may crop up even between the most compatible partners. Stories of early break-up and marriage collapse are not uncommon these days. One of the reasons could be the lack of enough quality time that is needed to build the foundation of a relationship in its formative times. Work-life balance is difficult to achieve and this leaves couples with unmanaged stress that may eventually take a massive toll on a relationship. There comes a point, when the differences get to the point of being irreversible. (Also read: 5 levels of conversation in a relationship: Therapist explains)

5 tips for couples to build intimacy and trust in a relationship(Pixabay)
5 tips for couples to build intimacy and trust in a relationship(Pixabay)

"Creating a robust and secure relationship takes time and effort. Building trust, connection, and intimacy with your partner may take time, effort, and dedication. Feelings of intimacy and trust are essential for a healthy relationship. While most couples understand the importance of nurturing these components, there often needs to be more connection between understanding the concept and putting it into practice. It's difficult to foster intimacy and trust, especially when life gets busy or stress builds up," says Dr. Chandni Tugnait is M.D. (Alternative Medicines), Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Business Coach, NLP Expert, Healer, Founder & Director - Gateway of Healing.

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Whether you are starting something new or have been with your partner for years, here are five tips by Dr Tugnait to strengthen the connection between you two.

1. Practice open communication

Effective communication is the foundation of any successful relationship. When we feel heard and understood, it creates a sense of safety within the relationship. So instead of bottling up your emotions or lashing out in anger when things go wrong, practice open communication with your partner by expressing yourself honestly and respectfully. This will show your partner that you trust them enough to be vulnerable and create an environment where they feel safe enough to do the same.

2. Spend quality time together

Life can get hectic at times - especially when you have kids or multiple jobs - but it's essential to set aside time for just the two of you every once in a while. Whether going on a date night or simply enjoying some quiet time together at home, spending quality one-on-one time can help strengthen your bond and reignite feelings of intimacy between you.

3. Show appreciation and support each other's goals and dreams

Letting your partner know how much you appreciate their presence in your life goes a long way towards fostering intimacy within the relationship. Similarly, supporting each other's goals and dreams and being genuinely interested in what they aspire to achieve shifts the focus away from mundane day-to-day issues towards something that brings joy and purpose into both of your lives. This will strengthen your connection as a couple and bring joy into your individual lives too!

4. Respect individual boundaries and space

Boundaries are important for emotional growth in any healthy relationship. Respect each other's boundaries by giving each other space when needed, without taking it personally or doubting your partner. And if ever there is an issue, don't be afraid to ask questions - communication is the key.

5. Make time for romance and intimacy

Last but not least, remember romance. Intimacy isn't just physical, it's emotional too. Make sure to carve out regular time for romantic gestures like cuddling, kissing, holding hands, etc., which will give both parties something positive to look forward to every day. Additionally, these small acts can remind us why we fell in love with our partners in the first place.

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