Beachgoers flock to the coast as winter heat wave sweeps across Spain

Minimum and maximum temperatures are averaging 5-10 degrees Celsius (9-18 degrees Fahrenheit) above normal, Spain's AEMET weather agency said.

Published on Jan 27, 2024 02:53 PM IST 8 Photos

People across southern Europe are heading to the beaches to sunbathe or take a winter swim as a hot spell has created an almost summer-like atmosphere in many coastal areas. (AFP)

A woman reads in the sun on Victoria beach in Cadiz as temperatures around 30°C were recorded in Spain. (AFP)

Spain’s weather agency has stated that abnormally high temperatures for the season are expected to persist in many parts of the country over the weekend. (AFP)


The favorable weather has resulted in crowded beaches from southwestern Cádiz to northeastern Barcelona, scenes typically seen during the summer months.(AFP)

The high temperatures affecting southern Europe are attributed to an anticyclone transporting a hot air mass from further south, as stated by the country's AEMET weather agency. (AFP)