Incredible benefits of having an early dinner

If late night dinners can wreak havoc with your sleep cycle and overall health, eating early at night can do

Published on May 12, 2022 05:22 PM IST 6 Photos

"There are simply sooooo many benefits of having an early dinner," says Gut health expert and nutritionist Smriti Kochar as she lists all the wonderful things that will happen to you when you eat your meal early at night.(Pexels)

It helps in giving a break to your digestive system overnight.(Pexels)

Your food at night gets digested much better because the acid and enzymes secretion in your stomach and intestines decrease as the day passes.(Pixabay)


People with acid reflux issues will benefit significantly from eating early dinners.(Shutterstock)

Fasting has a lot of benefits. By eating early, you can easily start a 12 to 14 hours fast where most of the time you will spend sleeping.(Pexels)