Vaastu/lucky plants for health, wealth and happiness

If you are an amateur gardener and are looking for Vaastu (lucky) plants to keep indoors then here is a

Published on Aug 22, 2022 04:48 PM IST 6 Photos

Vaastu plants have become very famous in India in recent years. In India, Vaastu plants are associated with good health, prosperity and wealth. A lot of people believe that if these plants are kept in the right direction, then they can bring positivity to homes. Here's a list of Vaastu/lucky plants you can keep at home and the direction in which they should be kept.(Unsplash)

Money Plant: This is one of the most famous of the lot that is easy to maintain and makes your home aesthetically beautiful. It is suggested the plant is kept in the southeast direction of your drawing room for good luck and wealth. You can also keep it on your balcony in the northeast direction.(Unsplash)

Holy basil plant (Tulsi): This plant is found in almost every Hindu household for its religious link and also for possessing healing properties. It acts as a natural air purifier and also helps eliminate toxins from the body. The best places to keep this plant are in the north, east, or northeast direction.(Unsplash)


Lucky bamboo plant: It is believed that a six-stalk bamboo plant brings good fortune and prosperity while a seven-stalk plant seven brings good health. It should be kept in the east or southeast corner of the house, as per Vastu.(Pinterest)

Aloe vera plant: Known for its medicinal properties, this plant has been a star in the skincare and haircare industry. This is another plant that acts as a natural air purifier and helps promote digestion. One must place this plant in the north or east direction of the house to promote positivity(Unsplash)