Whole spices to bread: 10 foods you should never refrigerate

Are you refrigerating the wrong food items? From whole spices to banana, here are food items that should never be

Published on Apr 21, 2024 04:16 PM IST 11 Photos

Refrigeration preserves and extends the shelf life of many perishable items by controlling growth of microorganisms. However, there are some items that shouldn't be stored in fridge as doing so can lead to loss of flavour, taste, and texture. Here are 10 food items shared by Nutritionist Juhi Kapoor that should never be refrigerated. (Freepik)

1. Whole spices: Refrigeration can diminish the potency and flavour of whole spices over time. Spices can absorb moisture in the fridge, potentially leading to clumping and loss of flavour. (Freepik)

2. Dried fruits: Refrigeration can cause dried fruits to become hard or overly chewy. Cold temperatures might affect the natural sugars and flavours in dried fruits, altering their taste. Storing them in fridge can lead to moisture absorption, potentially promoting mold growth. (Freepik)


3. Kesar (saffron): Storing saffron in the refrigerator can compromise its delicate flavour and aroma. The moisture in the refrigerator can lead to condensation, which can degrade the quality of saffron threads. (Freepik)

4. Nuts and seeds: Refrigeration can make nuts and seeds go stale faster and may also affect their crunchiness. Cold temperatures can alter the natural oils in nuts and seeds, potentially affecting their flavour. (Freepik)