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What if these Game of Thrones’ characters were a part of the corporate workspace? We find out

GOT S08E02: This episode, aside from being a prelude to the Great War was also a possible rebuilding of an organisational structure. Let’s begin with imagining some of these characters in a corporate setup where there are multiple bosses, middle management, supervisors and more.

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Saumya Sharma
Saumya Sharma
Hindustan Times, Delhi
GOT,GOT S08E02,Game of thrones
What if Jon, Daenerys, Sansa, Tyrion, Jaime, Brienne were a part of the corporate workspace? We find out.(Game of Thrones/YouTube)

The latest episode of Game of Thrones Season 8, released yesterday (for Indian audience) and most Twitterati went berserk discussing the episode, the possible theories, what will happen next now that the Night King’s army has reached Winterfell and most importantly, Arya Stark and the ‘choice’ she made just as the longest night begins. Have you also wondered all the things you would do for love? Cersei to Jaime is a vice he should have forgotten long ago but probably hasn’t practised the 21-day or 6-month rule to form a habit for better living.

However, this episode, aside from being a prelude to the Great War was also a possible rebuilding of an organisational structure. Let’s begin with imagine the characters in a corporate setup where there are multiple bosses, middle management, supervisors and more.

Here are the Top 7 things we noticed while watching the 50+ minutes’ worth of content.

1) Daenerys as the head honcho who wants to save the day:

Everyone by now knows how Dany decided to keep her plans of taking over the Iron Throne and choosing to help Jon Snow and the North instead. In the scenario we’re imagining, she’s entered a corporate environment that could totally use her help in a difficult time. Here are a few things that ensued:

Scene 1: Jaime is the employee under ‘watch’

Jaime was expected to bring the Lannister Army North with him but Cersei never had any intention of honouring her commitment and so he is in a soup in front of the prospective Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Daenerys. In what could be a large meeting with all the board members and stakeholders, she follows up with Jaime about this which puts him in a sticky situation which might cost him his job or his head, whichever is easier.

Ser Jaime faces Daenerys Targaryen at Winterfell. ( Game of Thrones/YouTube )

Scene 2: Daenerys and Tyrion

Daenerys waits for the meeting to get over to only address her immediate reportees – here’s what happens next: Daenerys warns Tyrion and tells him that he could instead be handed the pink slip for his miss in important affairs if he doesn’t pull up his socks.

The highlight, however, was her interaction with Sansa in the Great Hall. But that deserves a separate point. See below.

Tyrion faces Daenerys’ wrath at failing to meet his commitment. ( Game of Thrones/YouTube )

Scene 3: Lady Brienne for Jaime against Daenerys and Sansa

Brienne standing up for Jaime in front of Sansa and Daenerys is like an old employee vouching for another team member when the new bosses seek answers to everything in a restructured system. We also learn that Jaime is all-set to unlearn the past and learn under the command of Lady (/Ser) Brienne.

2) Jaime and Tyrion reflect on their jobs and what they seek

After getting a warning each from their reporting manager, both Tyrion and Jaime reflect on their jobs and what they seek out of it. They think about all the time they’ve spent together and away from one another (a job posting, maybe) and all the experience they’re amassed in this time. Tyrion terms it “The perils of self-betterment”, probably something one can reflect upon in real-life as a measure of self-actualisation and personal growth.

3) Bran Stark or the Three-Eyed Raven’s existential questions

Bran Stark as the three-eyed raven asking existential questions are like the employee who moved on, probably wronged his entire professional career but has chosen a calm life and only speaks in a mysterious tone that might make you question your work and life beyond work, including “Why am I here?”

4) Jorah Mormont as Daenerys’ trustworthy team member

Ser Jorah is the type of person who chooses his boss and then moves along with them wherever the boss moves. It works out for most in their professional lives, because knowing your boss, their style of working and their quirks are all something everyone would vie for but seldom is able to choose the people they work with. In the episode yesterday, Jorah’s advice to Daenerys is like him making an investment for the near or distant future (depending on whoever is lucky when the Night King arrives).

5) The most shocking office romance

Apparently, this came as a shock to everyone watching. Probably because we’ve all seen Arya grow up in the last eight seasons and now if she makes a choice of the nature she did, it’s an invitation to be frowned upon or doubted. Her night with Gendry could well be the romantic overtures brewing between one of the hunks in the office and a new girl in the office with all the spunk, while Twitter exploding is like the colleagues who can’t contain their hushes about the relationship. Psst!

There is another office romance so strong that it probably ‘manipulated’ one to leave her issues behind and solve the other’s. But is it a romance gone bad after the recent revelations regarding the top management? We’ll see.

Jon Snow doing what he does best - brooding and creating intensity in the scene. ( Game of Thrones/YouTube )

6) Daenerys and Sansa’s ‘icebreaker’ session

Daenerys wants to be nice superior. She wants to lead her people politely yet firmly and doesn’t want anyone to harbour hard feelings against her. But she is top management and she can’t please everyone too. Their interaction is supposed to be an ice-breaker session, where they discuss hierarchy, management and Jon. Infact, Daenerys also made an important statement about women in leadership positions.

Sansa is clearly uncomfortable with the restructured teams and wants her questions answered, what she gets instead is silence after an explanation of Dany is in the North and not the South where she should have been.

Daenerys and Sansa’s ‘ice-breaker’ session. ( Game of Thrones/YouTube )

7) Lady Brienne’s long overdue promotion

This could have easily been the most heart-warming moments of this episode especially since we expect a LOT of things to go wrong soon. Brienne gets knighted and becomes one of the knights of the seven kingdoms. Podrick and Tormund are her most supportive team members... everything from wanting to defy tradition to clap and hooting for Ser Brienne, one would wish for office friends like the two.

Lady Brienne becomes Ser Brienne, a knight of the seven kingdoms. ( Game of Thrones/YouTube )

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First Published: Apr 23, 2019 17:31 IST