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Best mobile phones in India with 2000 mAh battery: A buyer's guide

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  • Published on Sep 21, 2022 20:00 IST
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Explore all 2000 mAh battery mobiles and get the best price, specifications, and features. Buy the best quality 2000 mAh battery mobiles and get a very attractive price.

product info
2000 mAh battery: A good battery backup is vital to the functioning of your mobile phone.

Mobile gadgets demand more power. Therefore rechargeable batteries are more popular. Smartphones and tablets require solid lithium-ion batteries that can withstand hours of intense use. Many cell phone manufacturers have started including more mAh, but you may want more.You can instantly receive accurate and current facts and information about all new mobile phones with 2000 mAh battery and complete specs, including features, looks, display, performance, memory, camera, battery backup, and all other characteristics. You'll discover user reviews, pros, disadvantages, and full specs here. The website is frequently updated to improve results. Find top brands of 2000 mAh battery mobiles, compare prices, read reviews, and shop online from India's leading e-commerce website.

1. Collecor A 40 i dual sim feature phone

Collecor A 4 0 i dual sim feature phone has a 2.4-inch screen.It offers a long battery life, FM radio, and torchlight. Built-in speakers let you listen to music or watch movies without headphones. Call recording and a loud ringtone are among their features.


  • Display: 2.4-inches
  • SIM: dual-SIM ultra-slim feature phone.
  • Battery: high-capacity battery pack of 2000 mAh.
  • Ram & Rom: storage capacity up to 32 GB, with 32 MB RAM.
  • Camera: the main camera has only 0.8 megapixels.
  • Features: entertainment options such as wireless FM radio, games, and automatic call recording.
dual SIM card supportdoes not have internet access
LED torchlight 
MP 3 playback 
FM radio 

2. Collecor C 60 feature phone

Collecor C 60 dual is a feature phone with a 2000 mAh battery and torch light. It has wireless FM and expandable memory, so you can listen to your favourite music or record your favourite shows. It also has games available and an MP 3/MP 4 player, so you can keep yourself entertained for hours. The rear camera helps capture moments with friends and family, while the 2.4" display gives you clear images.


  • Display: 2.4-inches
  • Sim: dual-SIM.
  • Battery: high-capacity battery pack of 2000 mAh.
  • Ram &Rom: storage capacity up to 32 GB, with 32 MB RAM.
  • Camera: the main camera has only 0.8 megapixels.
  • Features: entertainment options such as wireless FM radio, games, and automatic call recording.
the phone includes a torch lightthe camera lacks a flash, making low-light photography challenging
you may add a micro SD card to boost its memory to 32 GB.without wi-fi, you can't access the internet or browse websites on this phone.
you can listen to FM radio on this phone. 
It has a rear camera with a 2.4” display. 

3. PHILIPS E 125 basic bar phone

Philips is a company known for its innovative products. The phone offers a convenient way to stay connected with your family and friends even when you're away from home.You can use this phone's two different networks simultaneously with dual SIM support. You can also access the internet and make calls. This functionality enables you to manage your calls and messages wherever you are.


  • Display:1.77 inch
  • SIM: dual sim (GSM+GSM)
  • Battery: 2000 mAh battery
  • Ram & rom: 32 MB RAM, 24 MB ROM
  • Features: listen to music via 3.5 mm Jack or bluetooth as per your convenience; big speakers with 105 dB sound output
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty for device and 6 months on battery
great price, especially for a dual SIM phone less responsive keypad, need a long press to operate
good battery lifelow screen resolution
bluetooth sharing available 

4.Lava A 3 basic mobile

This is a rugged phone built for adventure and designed to survive the most challenging conditions. The lava A 3 Power comes with military-grade certification, so you can be sure your phone will keep working in any weather or environment.As a result of this phone's excellent battery life, you will be able to use the device throughout the entire day without recharging. And with the massive storage space available on this device, you won't have trouble keeping all your files in one place.


  • Display: 1.8 inch
  • SIM: dual sim
  • Battery: 2575 mAh
  • Ram: 32 MB
  • Rom: 24 MB
  • Features: loud sound with dedicated music buttons
military grade certifiedthe screen could be better—it's only 2 inches big
jumbo battery with 10 days backup 
dedicated music buttons 
keypad mobile 

5. Micromax X 778 marsala

Performance, attractiveness, and usability define the micro max X 778 marsala. The 5.2 mm thin, lightweight phone has a wonderfully designed all-metal unibody with ergonomic comfort. The phone's dual camera captures every moment in full colour, detail, and clarity.


  • Display: 6.1 cm (2.4”) screen
  • SIM: dual sim
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • Rom: 32 MB
  • Camera: 0.3 MP
  • Battery:‎2700 mAh battery
  • Features: wireless FM radio
  • Other features: auto call recording folder wise
budget smartphone with decent expandable storage option
decent battery life 
good haptic feedback 

6. IKALL K 55

IKALL K 55 mobile with huge battery (6.1 cm display, powerful torch) (red) is the latest mobile category launched in the market. This mobile phone comes with a big battery and extended talk time. This phone's back cover is hard, and it gives protection to its keypad as well as the screen of the phone.


  • Display: 6.1 cm (2.4 inch) display
  • Sim: dual sim
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • Rom: 32 MB
  • Battery:‎2000 mAh battery
  • Battery: 1 Year warranty for mobile and 6 months for accessories
  • 1 year warranty for mobile
  • 6 months warranty for accessories
big battery low storage
easy to use not touchscreen, 
light weight low storage

7.DIZO black

Dizo star 300 has a classic design that is easy to use. Its compact size & poly carbonate curved back panel makes it comfortable to hold. Dizo star 300 black is a cost-effective and affordable mobile phone. It has a fantastic design, a large screen, and innovative features.


  • Display: 1.8 inch display
  • Ram: 32 MB
  • Battery:‎2550 mAh battery
  • Features: keypad phone realme feature phone
torchlight facility availablenot a touchscreen model.
long-lasting battery life. the display is not very good.

8. Lava teal blue

The lava 34 ultra is a global smartphone that provides all the great features you crave. Entertainment has become a way of life with an intuitive user interface, a modern design, and a powerful battery.Lava 34 ultra teal blue mobile is designed to provide best-in-class features. This phone comes with stylish dual cameras and big screen size. Lava 34 ultra will be an ideal choice for you to get going in the digital world.


  • Display: 6.1 cm (2.4 inch) display
  • Camera : 0.8 MP rear camera
  • Battery:‎2575 mAh li-ion battery
  • Ram & rom :24 MB ram & 32 MB rom
  • Warranty: 1-year replacement guarantee
excellent battery backup low camera quality 
lightweight phone and easy to carrythe display is not very sharp, and the resolution is low

9. itel Champagne gold

Itel power 110 has a 1.8-inch screen, a huge battery, and a champagne gold finish. It contains a 0.3 MP camera, a 1.8-inch QVGA display, and active call recording features. Power 110 champagne gold combines beauty and power. It's composed of magnesium alloy, and its 2000 mAh can keep your device operating for hours. Moreover, the wireless FM and torch system is the cherry on top.


  • Display: 1.8-inch screen
  • SIM: dual SIM
  • Battery:‎2500 mAh battery
  • Features: big LED torch
  • Audio jack:‎3.5mm
  • Color: champagne gold
big batteryno expandable storage
champagne gold colour is very stylishonly 0.3 MP camera

Best 3 features for you:

ProductFeature - 1Feature - 2Feature - 3
collector A 40 i feature phonedual simslim and sleek designMP 3 playback
collector C 60 feature phone auto call recordingFM radiogames to keep you entertained
PHILIPS basic bar phone big screen sizebluetooth sharing facilitydual sim support
lava A 3 basic mobile10 days battery backupmassive storage spacemilitary-grade certification
micromax X 778 marsalaFM radio availableauto call recordingall metal unibody
i kall K 55extended talk timesturdy designscreen protected
dizo 300 blackpacked with featurescompactTorchlight
lava 34 A teal blueunique and modern designeasy to carryexcellent battery backup
itel (champagne gold)huge batterystylish colourbig LED torch

Best value for money

If you require more than basic capability but don't want to spend too much, try the philips E 125 with dual-SIM support, camera, call recording, music player, FM, and bluetooth. Supports 22 language 3.5 mm audio jack (black 1.77 inch) includes sophisticated features like dual sim compatibility and audio playback while being inexpensive.

Best overall

The Collector A40iis an overall combo in the 2000 mAh battery mobiles list. It offers excellent value for money. The battery life, the display, and the build quality of this phone stand up to the comparative price tag.This product's attributes set it apart. The camera's resolution and quality are outstanding. 2000 mAh is enough to last all day. The phone's FM radio and Bluetooth enable hands-free music listening and phone calls. People who need to multitask while driving or exercising can benefit from this equipment.

How to find the perfect 2000 mAh battery mobiles?

There are several locations to find mobile phones and accessories. You can buy a phone online or offline, although you may prefer a shop. How to find 2000 mAh battery mobiles:

  • Make a note of every requirement you have for a new cell phone.
  • Look around at other online shops to discover more about your choices.
  • You may use parameters like RAM, Processor, and Internal Memory to get the best 2000 mAh battery mobile for you.
  • Examine the discounts and deals as well. Finally, pick the solution that best satisfies your requirements.

Price of 2000 mAh battery mobiles at a glance:

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