Couple thinks they rescued a cute little regular kitten, turns out it's a bobcat

Updated on Jun 21, 2022 07:22 PM IST
  • A Facebook post shows how a couple rescued a kitten without realising it's a bobcat.
The bobcat who was mistaken for a regular kitten by the couple that rescued it. (Facebook/@True-Rescue)
The bobcat who was mistaken for a regular kitten by the couple that rescued it. (Facebook/@True-Rescue)
BySohini Sengupta

Pretty much every story on the Internet that describes how a cute little creature has been rescued, is enough to put a smile on anybody's face. Recently, a couple thought that they had rescued a kitten and went and reported the case, along with the little kitty, to an animal rescue service. But that is when they were quite surprised after they got to know that this little kitty isn't just a regular one but that of a bobcat.

The two pictures of the kittens were shared on Facebook with a detailed caption. It reads, “COUPLE WHO RUSHED TO OUR DOOR THIS MORNING: We have an emergency! This kitten ran up on our back deck. We need emergency placement! US: You know that's a bobcat kitten, RIGHT?! A half an hour later, and off he went to our friends at Walden's Puddle with one of our volunteers. Never a dull moment at True Rescue!”

The Facebook page that shared the images of the cute bobcat kittens has over 9,200 followers. True Rescue is a cat-only sanctuary based in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, with dogs in foster homes. Wilson County, as well as the bordering counties and states to the south, are served by them.

Take a look at the post:

Ever since it was shared on June 18, the post has received over 900 likes and several appreciative comments from Facebook users.

“Precious little baby. Thank you for knowing what to do,” reads a comment. “Glad it's in a safe place now, thank you True Rescue!” posts a second. “I wouldn’t have been able to keep a straight face. At least it ended well,” hilariously reads a third comment.

What are your thoughts on this bobcat kitten that confused the couple?

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