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Elderly man says appreciate your partner before it’s too late. Watch

May 03, 2022 09:25 AM IST

The video of the elderly man's advice about appreciating one's partner has won people's hearts.

Among all the relationships in life, one of the most endearing is that of a life partner. They are the ones who are meant to stay with you for life. It is important that you acknowledge and appreciate their efforts. In this Instagram video an elderly man imparts a life lesson about the same and it is wholesome to watch.

The image, taken from the Instagram video, shows the elderly man.(Instagram/@avimeeherbal)

“Today I want to confess one thing! For almost my entire life, I took my wife for granted! Barely took a pain to appreciate her efforts. It was just a few years back, when she fell seriously ill, I realised the emptiness that would be left behind without her,” says the text on the video. It shows the couple spending time together and it is really adorable to watch. In the end, the video showcases that one should acknowledge and appreciate their partner before it’s too late. The video was posted seven days ago and it has got more than 5.02 lakh views so far.

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“I hope you will also fix your mistake before it’s too late,” says the caption of the video. Watch the heartwarming video below:

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“Very true. When people fail to acknowledge. Their relationship becomes unhealthy and unhappy too. It applies to both,” commented an Instagram user. “God bless you both with good health and happiness!” said another. “Cutest thing on Internet,” posted a third.

The video was posted by Avimee Herbal, which is founded by an 85-year-old entrepreneur.

What are your thoughts about this elderly man’s life advice?

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