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Indian teen builds world’s largest card structure with 1,43,000 cards

Oct 10, 2023 12:20 PM IST

His passion to stack cards ignited during the COVID-19 lockdown and after years of practice, he was able to achieve the world record.

A 15-year-old boy from India has smashed the world record for the ‘world’s largest playing card structure’. Arnav Daga used a whopping 1,43,000 playing cards to build a structure that features four iconic buildings from his hometown, Kolkata. His structure measures 12.21 m in length, 3.47 m in height, and 5.08 m in width.

Arnav Daga from India posing with the structure he created in 41 days. (Guinness World Records )
Arnav Daga from India posing with the structure he created in 41 days. (Guinness World Records )

According to Guinness World Records (GWR), Daga spent 41 days building this structure that has the Writer’s Building, the Shaheed Minar, Salt Lake Stadium, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Daga visited all four sites to closely study their architecture and work out their dimensions before he started stacking the cards to build the structure.

After achieving the world record, Daga told GWR, “It is definitely overwhelming and feels like I am living my dream which I saw back in 2020. For me the journey has just begun.”

Earlier, this particular record was held by Bryan Berg from the USA. He built a replica of three Macao hotels, measuring 10.39 m long, 2.88 m tall, and 3.54 m wide.

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Guinness World Records also shared a timelapse video of Daga building the structure. “Building the largest playing card structure,” the record-keeping organisation wrote as the title of the video shared on YouTube.

In the description of the video, GWR wrote, “Arnav Daga (India) has loved card-stacking since he was eight years old, and during the Covid-19 lockdown it became his passion to achieve a Guinness World Records title. After years of practice, he felt ready for it.”

The video shows Daga arranging cards inside a basic outline on the floor to ensure that they were accurately aligned before he started stacking. His technique involves using grids and vertical cells to build the structures.

Watch the video shared on YouTube here:

The video was shared three days ago on YouTube. Over 60,000 people have since viewed it, and the numbers are still increasing. Among them, over 700 people have liked the video and dropped their thoughts in the comments.

Here’s how people reacted to the video:

“2 months to build, 2 minutes to destroy. A microcosm of our universe,” posted an individual.

Another added, “Arnav, so proud of you! Keep it up!”

“His patience should be appreciated,” expressed a third.

A fourth commented, “Amazing what people can do.”

“Great job,” wrote a fifth.

A sixth claimed, “This kid happens to be from my hometown. Congratulations Arnav! Darun!”

“I would have had it bombarded with toy balls instead,” joined a seventh.

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