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Facing challenges in enhancing your savings? Follow these tips

Published on Oct 25, 2021 08:54 PM IST

  • If you are someone who is sailing in a situation where you feel that your expenses are more than what you earn or if it is like a hand to mouth situation in terms of your finances. Follow these tips by our astrologer Manisha Kaushik that can actually help you enhance your savings. Treat your wallet as it is the most precious thing that you have with you. Keep everything organized with the wallet. Buy a red wallet. The red wallet has a lot of energies to actually attract more money. The money which was slipping out of your hand would start sticking and staying in your wallet. Do not keep your bills and your cash together in your wallet. Keep your daily cash in a separate compartment and your bill in a separate compartment but avoid keeping them together. Keep the notes organized, and for the coins, you can keep a separate coin pouch, but it should not be mismanaged or unorganized. If your wallet is unorganized, there are huge chances that your finances or your savings will also be unorganized. Try these tips to start experiencing certain changes in your life and your savings.




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