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Shining a Spotlight on The Role Of Physiotherapists : Zixa Strong Champions Behind The Champions

Updated on Dec 12, 2023 12:23 PM IST

[Partnered] In the world of sports, the headlines are often dominated by elite athletes. But behind every victory is the dedication and hard work of countless individuals behind-the-scenes. Behind every shining athlete stands a team of unsung heroes – the physiotherapists and sports medicine specialists who keep them fit, healthy, and performing at their best, pain-free. Often overlooked and underestimated, physiotherapists are the true champions behind the champions. Armed with an intricate understanding of the human body, they navigate the path to peak performance, providing crucial support to athletes during setbacks and guiding them to emerge even stronger and to #RiseAgain. Zixa Strong, an innovative fast-acting pain relief range, has kickstarted an initiative CHAMPIONS BEHIND THE CHAMPIONS - as a tribute to these extraordinary individuals, a celebration of their vital role in shaping champions. Introduced on World Physiotherapy Day, this initiative offers an exclusive backstage pass into the making of a champion, unveiling the indispensable contribution of physiotherapists to their success. This is more than a video; it's an invitation to immerse yourself in a transformative journey. By sharing this narrative with your network, you actively contribute to raising awareness about the indispensable work of physiotherapists. Additionally, seize the opportunity to nominate your own physiotherapist for the impactful role they've played in your life, with a chance to be featured on Hindustan Times Digital. Join us in saluting the genuine heroes behind the champions, and let's inspire a movement of gratitude and recognition for these unsung maestros! About The Brand: Zixa Strong stands at the forefront of pain relief innovation with its revolutionary Oil in Water Flash Micelle Technology, offering fast-acting and enduring relief for intense muscle and joint pains. This groundbreaking formula is not only Diclofenac-Free but also harnesses the power of 6 Powerful Plant Actives, providing a potent Hot and Cold therapy combination. Over the past year, the brand has collaborated with endurance athletes, leading marathons and is the Official Pain Relief Partner of MumbaiCityFC, which has given the brand an insider’s view of the unique support ecosystem that goes into athletic success on the field. The Zixa Strong range (Gel, Spray, Roll On) is available for purchase online on www.amazon.in and directly on their e-commerce website www.zixa.co (with free-shipping and delivery pan-India).




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