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Wish to put on some weight? Here are five tips to help you bulk up

health and fitness Updated: May 05, 2016 10:04 IST
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Trying to put on some weight? Here’s all the help you need.(Shutterstock)

Gone are the days when slim was the only ‘perfect’ way of living. People have now realised the importance of a healthy body. If you are way too slim for health and wish to put on some weight, then eat properly, exercise and sleep well, says an expert.

Shubha Dhyani, dietician, Park Hospital, Gurgaon suggests easy ways to gain weight:

1. Focus on nutrients

A balance of meat, fruits and raw vegetables makes for the perfect diet. (Shutterstock)

Eat food items that have calories and protein. Fish, eggs and meat are good sources of protein. You can get your daily dose of calories from peanuts, banana chips and dried fruits.

2. Exercise

A morning walk, swimming or running can help you keep toned. (Shutterstock)

Since you are on a high calorie and protein diet, you must ensure that your physical activity is not compromised. However, you must not do cardio as it will keep you from putting on weight. Complex and compound exercises on the other hand are best for you. This includes bench presses and squats.

3. Keep a tab on your diet

Don’t give in to those cravings for ice creams, please. (Shutterstock)

Even if you are gaining weight, you must keep a track of calories you are consuming. Making a diet chart for that and consulting an expert becomes very important. Once the diet chart is made, it should be followed.

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4. Sleep well

A good sleep not only helps relax the body and mind but also keeps your skin healthy. (Shutterstock)

Getting proper sleep is also important as the body builds muscle even while you are sleeping. You must keep in mind that sleeping six hours is also not enough, eight to nine hours is a must.

5. Drinking water

Water helps keep the body hydrated but do not drink water right before meals. (Shutterstock)

You must not drink water before meals as it fills the stomach. Water also makes it difficult to absorb calories, and the weight gain process becomes slower.

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