World No Tobacco Day: These 22 ads will make you quit smoking now!

  • Sanya Panwar, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: May 31, 2016 16:38 IST
On World No Tobacco Day, which is May 31, we give you 22 best anti-smoking ads. If these don’t make you quit, what will? (Pinterest)

Smokers will tell you that there’s nothing better than lighting up after a hard day’s work. But most smokers will also tell you that their greatest wish is to put an end to their nasty habit.

In India, over one million annual deaths are the result of smoking-related illnesses, not to mention the fact that smoking dramatically increases the risk of getting all kinds of cancer. (Okay, we’ll spare you the lecture. Seriously though, stamp out that butt and flush the pack already!)

So, are you a regular smoker? Have you been trying to kick the habit for a while now? Have you unsuccessfully tried to quit in the past? Whether you’re a social or regular smoker, the following ads and posters will encourage you to quit smoking today! And if you do in fact decide to quit right now, in the next 20 minutes, your blood pressure and heart rate will return to normal. This immediately lowers your risk of having a heart attack. Your circulation will also improve, bringing fresh blood to your fingers and toes, so they may start to tingle. How tempting is that?

Now, some anti-smoking ads and posters, because World No Tobacco Day is on May 31. (Source: Pinterest)

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