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Leo relationship traits: Find out who they are most compatible in love with

Apr 28, 2023 10:57 AM IST

Astrological forecasts indicate which romantic partnerships are favourable or unfavourable for individuals born under the Leo zodiac sign.

Leo, you are ruled by the planet Sun, and hence your personality is bold and stunning. You are always ready to take the world with your passion and work. You are a ray of sunshine in everyone's life. But when it comes to love, you desire a powerful partner with whom you can share your outspoken nature. You are both personable and charming and make a great partner.

You are a ray of sunshine in everyone's life.
You are a ray of sunshine in everyone's life.

Who is a good or bad match for Leo?

Leo and Aries

You and Aries have potent personalities, so try not to make things worse by keeping the battle of competition above your relationship. You're both fire signs, and you'll need equal amounts of mental and physical stimulation. You both love to excite each other.

Leo and Taurus

Leo, you make a good match with Taurus as you both share a lot in common. You're both dependable and forthright, and you want safety and honesty. The main issue with both of you is stubbornness and a non-adjustable attitude, resulting in an unresolvable conflict. Leo, you also have a terrible habit of putting your ego first, and Taurus isn't one to let go of a grudge. So, watch out!

Leo and Gemini

Leo and Gemini, you must give it a shot as you both make great friends, and love can quickly grow out of friendship. You both adore people and are pretty kind when interacting with them and expressing your feelings and emotions. You both have a tremendous sense of humour and can form a strong bond that makes other people jealous.

Leo and Cancer

Leo, you and Cancer are both loyal, trustworthy, and need security, but the problem with Cancer is that they are ultra-sensitive, and you are not. You want Cancer to be forthright rather than holding on to grudges and dumping them on you.

Leo and Leo

You'll get along swimmingly with your twin, Leo. On this planet, Leos are Leo's favourite people. You both are captivating, and people adore your relationship. Wherever you both go, you eventually become the show's star and make people turn and stare.

Leo and Virgo

Leo and Virgo, it is not a green sign for both of you. You both can get along as long as you are friends, but Virgo needs to be cautious when feelings enter the picture. You both will have a difficult time understanding each other. It's uncommon for two of you to form a strong emotional bond, and when it does, it usually doesn't work out well.

Leo and Libra

Leo, you may fit well in a relationship with Libra since you both are funny and entertaining. A Libra may let you shine for a time but won't completely disappear. Moreover, since you both enjoy the attention, you may learn to share it. Both of you have characteristics that indicate a desire to do good and leave a leadership legacy.

Leo and Scorpio

Leo, you may have to work a little harder to maintain a relationship with Scorpio since you are opposite each other. Furthermore, these disparities may grow into massive, practically impossible roadblocks to overcome. On the other hand, Scorpios are more secretive and prefer to keep a low profile and shun Leos because of their open and communicative personality.

Leo and Sagittarius

Leo, you may easily fall in love with a Sagittarius since you both are a magnetic couple, drawn to each other by force more potent than the sum of your strengths. You both enjoy travelling and meeting new people, and you both have fantastic senses of humour.

Leo and Capricorn

Leo, you and Capricorn may not have a strong bond in a relationship. It is because Leos, you love to live in the moment and enjoy life and try to get as much as you can out of them. It isn't precisely a quality that Capricorn admires. Capricorn is all work and no play, and they also have no desire to stroke Leo's tresses.

Leo and Aquarius

Leo, you will shake the world with your relationship with an Aquarius since you both are vibrant, exuberant, unstoppable, and passionate about giving back. Aquarius is enchanted by Leo's star quality, focus, and charisma, while Leo, you admire Aquarius' independence, vision, and distinct perspective. You have enough in common to maintain your connection solid and dependable, but enough differences to keep them interested. When the two of you get together, scientific breakthroughs, inventions, and inventiveness abound.

Leo and Pisces

You may sense a spark with a Pisces, Leo, but it may not last long. Pisces is renowned for being selfless and prefers to sit in the background to allow others to take the lead, whereas you are known for being self-centred, brash, and outspoken. You have a spark and may stay together for a time, but Leo, your dominance may be too much for Pisces to manage.

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