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Taurus relationship traits: Find out who they are most compatible in love with

Apr 28, 2023 10:52 AM IST

Astrological forecasts indicate which romantic partnerships are favourable or unfavourable for individuals born under the Taurus zodiac sign.

Venus rules Taurus, the planet of romantic love, beauty, and financial success. Wealth, sensuality, property, and physical limits are all pleasurable to you. You want your companion to provide you with luxury and security. You're a beauty-obsessed collector. You put money into the future and keep your closest friends and family informed about your activities. Your ideal match and you have a lot of things in common.

Wealth, sensuality, property, and physical limits are all pleasurable to you.
Wealth, sensuality, property, and physical limits are all pleasurable to you.

Who is a good and a bad match for Taurus? 

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Taurus and Aries

You and Aries love the long walk of getting to know each other. You both like to take little steps to explore your favorite places of memories, once the rhythm of conversation sets in and you are comfortable with them, you'd make a fantastic couple.

Taurus and Taurus

You share a strong vibe with your twin and share one of the strongest bonds. With a strong bond, you both value your work and have a liking for power. Maintaining a balance with work and setting aside power struggles would benefit both. 

Taurus and Gemini

Miscommunication can create friction between you and Gemini. You might not share the same love language. You need to be empathetic in the relationship to understand them. Patience and learning new ways of affection will help you start a healthy companionship.

Taurus and Cancer

Taurus and Cancer, you complement each other beautifully. You have a link that inspires people since you have a realistic understanding and likes. Both of you are signs of high importance on home, family, and security. You're both devoted and nurturing by nature, and you're a good match.

Taurus and Leo

You and Leo need stability and dependability. That isn't to say that your relationship will always be easy. You two know how to have a good time, preferring leisurely, mellow pleasures over constant activity.

Taurus and Virgo

You and Virgo are both trustworthy and peaceful. You both know that stability is achieved by sharing effective communications and being prepared to talk through challenges. Taurus, you are emotionally and physically compatible with Virgo.


Taurus and Libra

You and Libra have similar laid-back attitudes and a need for stability. Libra will admire the bull's quiet power, maturity, and grounded nature, and you will be drawn to Libra's beauty, elegance, and charm.

Taurus and Scorpio

You and Scorpio need to share a solid romantic bond. Else things may never work out of the friendship stage—you, with ease, capture Scorpio's attention. Both possess qualities of stubbornness and jealousy, which rapidly lead to a lack of trust.

Taurus and Sagittarius

You and Sagittarius are like day and night. It's a powerful and perplexing kind of attraction. You're both intrigued by each other, but you're not the same type. You might have a fun romance, but only for a short while.

Taurus and Aquarius

In your match with Aquarius, you don't have much in common. The compatibility will necessitate a great deal of sacrifice and compromise. At the same time, you have a habit of telling your mate everything, whereas Aquarius prefers to keep things hidden.

Taurus and Pisces

You and Pisces value romance and tend to put your whole heart into the relationship. If you are with Pisces, you are with someone who will genuinely make you feel seen and heard, and at the same time, you can make Pisces feel safe. The honest and heartfelt connection is touching. 




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