Sun, Moon or Rising sign: Which among them resemble your true personality type?

ByNeeraj Dhankher
Nov 20, 2021 03:00 AM IST

Those following western astrology mostly consider Sun sign as the true indicator of their personality, while believers of vedic astrology regard Moon sign as their true zodiac sign.

Many a times, people are confused about their actual zodiac sign while analysing their personality traits. Those following western astrology mostly consider Sun sign as the true indicator of their personality, while believers of vedic astrology regard Moon sign as their true zodiac sign. Still, a few others are aware of their rising sign (called Lagna or Ascendant), but such people are far and few. Why this confusion?

Personality type according to sun moon and rising sign.
Personality type according to sun moon and rising sign.

Before we answer this, let us first understand how to find out our Sun sign, Moon sign and rising sign. In simple terms, Sun sign and Moon sign are those signs where Sun and Moon are placed in our horoscope. For example, if your Sun is placed in Taurus and Moon is placed in Sagittarius, then your Sun sign would be Taurus (your so-called zodiac sign) and Moon sign would be Sagittarius (also called rashi). The rising sign is that sign which was prevailing in the horizon at the time of our birth. Since the earth is constantly moving on its axis, all zodiac signs keep making themselves visible in the zodiac during the course of the day. Imagine a new born baby lying down on the bed facing upwards and looking at the sky. The sign visible at that point of time in the sky is the Lagna or Ascendant sign. 

Rising sign matters most

Astronomically, Sun takes 30 days to move from one sign to the other, and hence all people born in that month will have the same characteristics. Moon, on the other hand, changes its sign in just two and a half days, and is common for those born in that period. In contrast, the rising sign prevails for a duration of only two hours, and hence is more specific to those born in that short period. The more we narrow down the time period, the closer we will come to that sign which truly resembles our personality and life pattern. From this, it is clear that it is the rising sign (Lagna or Ascendant) which is the true indicator our personality and behaviour. 

Why need Sun and Moon sign?

Then why do we need the Sun and Moon sign? The answer to this lies in the stark differences between vedic astrology and the brand of astrology followed in the west. Vedic astrology believes in the concept of pre-destination and transmigration of soul which is guided by our karmic patterns. Human life is conceptualised in three forms – body, mind and soul. Our physical existence or body in the present birth is governed by our rising sign (Lagna or Ascendant), while soul is represented by Sun and mind by Moon. 

In other words, the soul (Sun) needs a body (Lagna or Ascendant) to take birth. The mind (Moon) is that software which helps us to live our everyday life safely and securely. It also helps us make sense of our different life experiences and is responsible for varying emotions. 

Viewed from this perspective, the Sun sign resembles our sense of life purpose, or what is commonly called as life goals. The present birth (Lagna or Ascendant) is what will decide the circumstances that one would encounter in this birth, while the Moon will tell us about our experiences. It is like a GPS system which helps us navigate situations in present birth and to makes sense of different life experiences. 

Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose you want to go from Delhi to New York. So, in this case, our final destination is New York, resembled by Sun (soul). But our present location is Delhi, which is nothing but the Lagna or Ascendant. How we plan to reach there is the Moon sign. Different zodiac signs have different personality types to do the same thing in a different manner. An Aries moon sign person will make all arrangements proactively and will plan the journey much in advance, while a Cancer moon sign person will scoff at the discomfort of a long journey and the resultant jet lag. Still, those with Libra moon sign will love the idea of change and will fondly look forward to meeting new people. 

We are always evolving

When a vedic astrologer studies a horoscope, he or she will look at the interconnections between the Sun, Moon and Lagna signs to understand your personality, destiny and hidden karmic patterns. Human personality is not a fixed type, but evolves and develops over the life cycle. Sun sign is that part of life which will always give us true happiness, our cravings, which, at times, are hard to achieve. Lagna or Ascendant highlights the circumstances we will encounter in this birth which, in turn, will shape our personality further. Moon sign is that part of the personality which is constantly shaped by our social encounters and experiences, and helps us make our choices basis what we learn from our environment. 


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