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A campaign is being run to malign my image: Pulkit Samrat

Pulkit Samrat talks about his “fragile relationship” with estranged wife Shweta Rohira, and his equation with rumoured girlfriend actor, Yami Gautam.

bollywood Updated: Jul 10, 2016 10:27 IST
Prashant Singh
Prashant Singh
Hindustan Times
Pulkit Samrat,Yami Gautam,Shweta Rohira
Actor Pulkit Samrat says that his estranged wife, Shweta Rohira was “insecure” about him. (Pramod Thakur)

In 2014, he married his long-time girlfriend, Shweta Rohira, Salman Khan’s rakhi sister, after a long courtship. It was love story out of Mills & Boons till it hit a roadblock. The media reported about Pulkit’s closeness to co-star Yami Gautam, and Shweta spoke about the differences between them. Sure enough, resulted in a media jamboree. Though his estranged wife, Shweta, openly spoke about problems in their marriage, Pulkit remained tightlipped till now. He opens up for the first time, to HT, in an exclusive chat, and tells us his side of the story.

You maintained silence till now…
It was obvious. I’d spent a good amount of time with the person [Shweta]. There’s a certain grace that both of us should give the relationship, regardless of it going kaput, taking it ahead or anything else. Whatever happens, the point is that it’s better to part ways gracefully, since we knew each other as friends before we got married. I understand that people go into different zones when break-ups happen, as it disturbs you. It’s not easy for me and definitely not easy for her.

A file photo of Pulkit Samrat and his estranged wife, Shweta Rohira, in happier times.

You must be aware of the latest news about Shweta’s miscarriage (it happened a few years ago)…
I was shocked to read news articles about the miscarriage. I was like, “This is such a personal thing for any couple.” It was a tragic time for both of us. To put it out in public is not right. What shook my faith further was the fact that it was about a pious thing like motherhood, and the person, with whom I have spent so many years, would go to the extent of falsifying facts to malign my image and put it out in the public to gain sympathy. I was like, “Ab tak main chup raha hoon (I have been quiet till now), but this is a big blow to the entire issue. The miscarriage happened four years ago; it was tragic for both of us. I wonder, “Itni personal cheez bahar kaise aa gayi (how can such a personal fact become public).” Reading that article truly ended my relationship [with Shweta], because it was ethically unacceptable. I had no option but to dig deep. The moment I got to know that it had come from the ‘horse’s mouth’, and that they had the hospital bills, totally fabricated, totally false evidences, it shook me. There were fabricated stories in the past, but I don’t have any words to react to this.

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So were you not dating Yami at that time?
It’s misusing a miscarriage that happened four years ago, when somebody (Yami) wasn’t even in the picture. I started shooting for Sanam Re four years after that incident. Aap kitna bada jhooth bol loge (How much can you lie)? There’s a limit. You’re saying that we (Yami and Pulkit) took advantage of the miscarriage, since she [Shweta] was advised best rest. That’s such a big lie. All I can say is, this is the point where my relationship ends, because I was never with this person (Shweta). I would never expect someone to stoop to this level.

Yami Gautam and Pulkit Samrat last starred in his film, Junooniyat.

But why would anyone fabricate such stories?
When I went deep into the matter, I got to know that there is a particular campaign being run to malign my image. There’s a pattern in all these stories; they appeared close to my releases. So, there was a lull in between my films Sanam Re and Junooniyat, and it started again close to Junooniyat’s release.

Why did you decide to open up about the issue after such a long time?
I can try to give it a graceful end, but not alone. If you talk something else on the face and do something else behind my back and backstab me… This is not only false, but also unethical. If I would not have spoken out right now, I would call myself spineless… it’s shameful and hurtful.

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Do you think keeping quiet for so long has gone against you?
Why turn this whole thing (marital issue) into a dialogue in which she will say something and then it will go on? I can’t even call it below the belt; it’s below the existence of humanity.

Do you think the matter is getting more mileage because Yami is also from the film industry?
Shweta was always insecure about me. When we separated, she started calling my close friends and my closest friend since fifth standard. She told her, “My house is broken because you had an affair with my guy.” She called her husband and said, “You are okay with your wife having an affair with my guy because he is famous.” She called my rakhi sister, saying, “you tie rakhi to him only to be close to him.” She told her closest cousin that she has an eye for me. Sadly, she (Yami) happens to be a public figure, so that’s the only thing that comes out in the media (sic).

I’ve been through a lot in the five years I was with her. I must have given (our relationship) 500 chances in five years, because I was hopeful. You can’t disrespect my parents. They stopped visiting me because whenever they came, they would be disrespected. It came to a point where I had to choose between my parents and Shweta. I chose my parents.

Pulkit Samrat and Yami Gautam starred for the first time in Sanam Re.

You had a long courtship period before marrying Shweta. Why did you tie the knot if there were such issues?
Before marriage, our respective mothers had become close. In fact, my mum asked me to propose to her because we were good friends. But when we started dating, it was like a U-turn. There were fights when I went on a holiday, or to celebrate Diwali at my Delhi house. I had stopped making friends.

Yami was blamed for your break-up…
The third person who is responsible for the break-up is her mother. When a mother starts living her life through her daughter, it’s dangerous. Shweta’s thoughts and decisions were taken by her mother. Every daughter is a shadow of her mum. I respect that, but there’s a limit. There’s a certain line that needs to be drawn, which every mother and daughter understands. You don’t want so much interference; you can’t do this in my house and claim that this guy only belongs to me and my mother.

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Do you get annoyed when Yami gets dragged into the fiasco since you’ve worked with her?
It’s sad. Firstly, I think she has got real strength, more than me, to maintain a dignified silence. I think she has been on the receiving end of this entire campaign, which aims to malign me and her, because we were shooting for two back-to-back films. That’s when we got married and everything started. Since she’s a media figure, it got highlighted everywhere. But, Shweta and I were in a fragile relationship.

First Published: Jul 10, 2016 10:17 IST