101 new ways to make this your best summer ever

Tricks, tips and cheats to make this your best season ever!

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Lubna Salim
Lubna Salim
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“Take a 30-second shower in freezing water: it’s the secret to dewy skin in summer,” says Elena Fernandes, supermodel and actress. Make-up and hair: Anjali Jain; Model: Elena Fernandes; Location courtesy: The St. Regis Mumbai Maillot, Zivame(Prabhat Shetty)

How to keep hydrated (without drinking water)
You know drinking water is good for your health. But you’re one of those who simply doesn’t have enough.
Lovneet Batra, award-winning nutritionist and TV personality, gives you some cool alternatives:

Lovneet Batra

1. Lauki ki sabzi: Consisting of 96 per cent water, it is the best way to hydrate in summer without adding extra calories or sugar to your system.
2. Strawberry smoothie: This is an excellent way to hydrate while indulging your sweet tooth in a healthy way.
3. Papaya, sweet lime, grapes: Load up on these hydrating fruits to also build strong immunity.
4. Pumpkin gazpacho: It is a yummy blend that hydrates and helps you sleep better.
5. Bell pepper tomato onion salad: A perfect blend of vegetables that hydrate and provide a variety of antioxidants that fight inflammation.

Want to run outdoors?
Mandira Bedi Actress

Mandira Bedi

“Wake up early to accommodate your run or schedule running at dusk.”

But… pay attention to recovery
Vijender Singh Boxer

“In summer, when you are not working out indoors in an air-conditioned environment, pay special attention to recovery by replenishing yourself with multivitamins, minerals and fluids like Electral and Glucon-D, because in summer, recovery after practice is crucial.”

If you can’t give up caffeine...
Pooja Makhija Celebrity nutritionist

Pooja Makhija

“Swap your morning coffee with a coffee post lunch. It’ll provide the needed boost and limit your caffeine intake too.”

Stay fashionable despite the heat...
Raghavendra Rathore Fashion designer

Raghavendra Rathore

1. Bored of whites? Opt for ocean and sand-hued clothes.
2. Dump clingy tops. Pair light-fitted ones with loose pants.
3. The accessories for the season – bracelets or friendship bands, woven belts and tan-hued sandals, kolapuris or soft moccasins and a smartwatch.

Maillot, Zara (Prabhat Shetty)

5 Summer foods to keep ailments at bay
Dr Anjali Hooda Nutrition specialist

Dr Anjali Hooda

1. The stomach is most affected during summers. Have mint to keep it healthy and keep aches at bay.
2. Eat plain dahi. It’s a probiotic and an immunity booster.
3. Have mangoes, in moderation, as they are excellent as antioxidants.
4. Drink coconut water as it’s full of electrolytes.
5. Have cucumber as it’s full of water and keeps you feeling full.

Help your guests cool down pre-lunch
Manish Mehrotra Chef

Manish Mehrotra

1. Pick a drink that’s refreshing with a balance of salt and sugar.
2. Apart from traditional drinks like aam panna and nimbu pani, you could also serve sherbets like those of sattu (an acquired taste), mulberry and phalsa.

How to give up dehydrating drinks…
Kavita Devgan, nutritionist and weight management consultant, gives you three alternatives.
“Almost everything we drink during summer to cool off has caffeine, including energy drinks and colas, not to mention iced-tea and cold coffee.

Suhel Seth
“Never control your temper as it gets worse when you can’t vent. it is meant only for yogis and godmen as they have to prove a point. We don’t. So, lose your temper rather than keep it all bottled up.” - Suhel Seth managing partner, counselage

Try these:
1. Kokum sherbet: This is great for digestion, immunity and cools the body during summer.
2. Bel sherbet: A delicious refresher, this can help cut down your cholesterol, fight off bacterial and viral infections and reduce inflammation.
3. Aam panna: This drink made from unripe mangoes, salt, cumin powder, chillies, coriander leaves and mint is perfect to protect oneself from sunstroke as it helps maintain body temperature. It prevents the loss of salt and iron and is known to keep cholera and dysentery in check.”

What to feed kids to beat the heat...
Maria Goretti Chef and cookbook author

Maria Goretti

1. Avoid red meat and chicken and try to give them a lot of fish, as it is light.
2. Instead of cooking or frying veggies, stir-fry or lightly sauté them.
3. As kids don’t generally like salads, add salad veggies to sandwiches. An iceberg lettuce sandwich with salmon, cucumber and tomatoes is a hit with the kids.
4. Instead of packaged snacks, keep boiled corn and popcorn handy at home to keep hunger pangs in check.

Bralette with high-waisted bottoms, Shivan & Narresh (Prabhat Shetty)

Pick the right bikini this summer…
Shivan and Narresh Couturiers

Shivan and Narresh

1. Apple-shaped (top-heavy): Opt for halter or one-shoulder styles. The diagonal-style lines create an illusion of a leaner torso. So, go for the same with low-waist bottoms. Solid colours or busier prints on the top are good options. The key is to take the attention away from the midriff.
2. Pear-shaped (bottom-heavy): Opt for high-waist bottoms, which are cut higher around the thighs to give an illusion of longer legs and a slimmer bottom. Avoid boy short style as it creates a large ring around your hips making them appear larger. Pick strappy bikini tops to shift the focus to shoulders and collar bones.
3. Hourglass: All kinds of bikinis work for this body type, especially retro-style high-waist ones with bralettes.

And… if you are a guy: speedos or trunks?
1. Athletic: Speedo-style swim trunks work best for those with washboard abs.
2. Stocky: Easily opt for relaxed swim shorts, in botanical prints, for focus on legs.
3. Lean: Well-tailored swim shorts add a good volume to the thighs and hips and make you appear more athletic.

How to take a selfie in summer light…
Naina Redhu Photographer

Naina Redhu

1. With the selfie camera pointed towards your face, stand with your back against the darker part of the location.
2. If no shade is available, then with the selfie camera pointed towards your face (keep your chin up and the phone parallel to your face), tap on the screen on a medium dark spot in the frame to adjust exposure a bit.
3. Turn on the camera flash.
4. Use editing apps like Snapseed, Airbrush or Adobe Lightroom to make the darker spots brighter and the highlights muted.

How to keep your skin healthy...
Prachi Desai Actress

Prachi Desai (WireImage)

1. Drink a glass of triphala water every morning. It’s not just great for the hair but works wonders for your skin too!
2. Use aloe vera gel not only on your face but also on body on alternate nights at bed time.
3. Those who can’t avoid make-up must use water-based or gel-based products.

Sunscreen right!
Farah Khan Ali Jewellery designer

Farah Khan Ali (Getty Images)

1. Use sunscreen right after a shower so that it is completely absorbed by the skin before you head out.
2. When going swimming, wait half an hour before getting back into the pool as water tends to dilute its effects.
3. Make sure that make-up is applied over it, not under it.
4. Buy spray sunscreens for hard to reach areas like the back.

Summer make-up tricks you didn’t know
Samantha Kochhar, Beauty expert

Samantha Kochhar

1. Use a seaweed gel as the base or mix it in your foundation to make it last longer.
2. The easiest way to flaunt the dewy look, that’s all the rage this summer, is by simply mixing two drops of sensitive-skin oil in a teaspoon of hydrating seaweed gel. Apply it on your face before applying the base.
3. The sun block lotion, because of its matt effect can also be used as a make-up base.

Eat heavy foods and don’t feel sick ...
Saransh Goila,Butter chicken chef and running enthusiast

Saransh Goila

1. Down a glass of lemon juice after a heavy meal.
2. Cut down the portion of your greasy meal, and add a cooling drink instead.
3. Have season-driven drinks with cumin and ajwain before or after greasy food. They are cooling and the cumin and ajwain helps avoid acidity and gas.

Men! Here’s How to dress for work…
Shantanu Mehra Designer

Shantanu Mehra

Here’s how you can dress in formals in spite of the heat without feeling suffocated:
1. Go for sleek collars not more than 1.5 inches.
2. Pick earthy sombre shades like beige, tan and off-whites.
3. Contrast belt and shoes of tan and chocolate leather.
4. In terms of fabrics, opt for blend of cottons and silk or a premium blend of linens.

Disclaimer: If all else fails...
Cyrus Sahukar Anchor

Cyrus Sahukar (Pramod Thakur/HT PHOTO)

“Beat the heat by living in complete denial of it! Yes, when you are sweating and fainting, walk around talking about how it’s really chilly. You can trick your mind into believing that it’s cold. This might leave you without friends, but at least you’ll be a couple of degrees cooler than the others!”

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