This week’s Brunch WTF: Emma Watson, kittens and the BBC kid

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brunch Updated: Mar 31, 2017 15:57 IST
Aanchal Tuli
Aanchal Tuli
Emma Watson,Buzzfeed interviews,kittens
(BuzzFeed and Twitter)

There’s a new trending video every day, a new Instagram account worth discovering and a Twitter trend worth following. Keep up with Brunch’s weekly guide - WTF- where we curate the best of the Internet for your Sunday viewing benefits. Here’s what you should Watch, Tap and Follow this week.


Emma Watson’s most distracted, yet most fun interview with Buzzfeed. She talks about her record-breaking new film, Beauty and the Beast, feminism and her fans.Too soon to call her our favourite Belle? We think not.


DailyOverview on Instagram will change how you look at the world, one top shot at a time. Pictured here are the streets of Mexico. Tap this account for some extraordinary pictures of ordinary locations everyday.


Marion Kelly or ‘The BBC Kid’ won Twitter this week. She’s got fans for both, her clothes and her couldn’t-care-less attitude. Twitterati can’t stop talking about her and neither can we.

From HT Brunch, March 26, 2017

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First Published: Mar 25, 2017 18:34 IST