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Himachal, Gujarat CMs address election meetings in Delhi

UPDATED ON JAN 28, 2020 09:46 PM IST

New Delhi:

Himachal Pradesh chief minister Jairam Thakur on Tuesday raised the Shaheen Bagh pitch while addressing a gathering of about 500 women in north Delhi’s Tri Nagar constituency in support of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate, Tilak Ram Gupta.

“Which is that Bagh? Shaheen Bagh,” he said before alleging that children there were being taught to make speeches against Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. “If you have no faith in the Indian Constitution, go where ever you want, but this country will continue to grow stronger,” he said while talking about those protesting against the citizenship amendment act (CAA). .

“No one’s citizenship is being snatched or threatened,” he said in reference to the Shaheen Bagh protests that have been going on since mid-December against the CAA.

Saying that he felt “pained” by the fact that the BJP won elections in most states since 2014, but not in Delhi, Thakur urged the women to convince their neighbours to vote for the party.

“Since 2014, we won everywhere but Delhi. This pain should end this time. If someone can end this pain, it is our mothers and sisters,” he said from a stage that was occupied by six men and three women for most times.

In another public meeting in Dwarka, Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani said Arvind Kejriwal feeling proud in calling himself an “urban naxal” despite holding a constitutional post was “shameful”.

“While Kejriwal is standing in support of the ‘tukde tukde’ gang, the Modi government is committed to putting anti-nationals behind the bars,” Rupani said.

“The Delhi chief minister feels proud in calling himself an urban naxal. Such comments by him despite holding a constitutional post are shameful,” Rupani said while addressing the gathering.(With PTI inputs)

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