Witerati | When Kapil Sharma ‘invited’ slam more than glam
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Witerati | When Kapil Sharma ‘invited’ slam more than glam

Farah Khan didn’t take kindly to Kapil’s ‘janta’ invite, “Dear Mannerless people…DON’T send me a ‘janta’ invite on WhatsApp …”

columns Updated: Dec 09, 2017 23:35 IST
Chetna Keer
Chetna Keer
Hindustan Times
Kapil Sharma,Farah Khan,Firangi
When Kapil doled a general invite for his ‘Firangi’ premiere, more than inviting glitterati, he ended up inviting the ire of certain Twitterati — choreographer Farah Khan.

Bashes of the jet-set trend in headlines as much as bashes of the jet kind, a la Indigo, since the former aren’t just about the Who’s Who invited but also about who wasn’t invited by who. The latest trending news, however, hasn’t been about the ‘Who’s Who’ of invites, but the ‘how’ of inviting.

Comedy czar Kapil Sharma learnt this not the sweet but the tweet way. While the dearth of big banners renders certain comedians ‘banner less’, doling invites for small banners could get actors branded ‘manner-less’.

When Kapil dished out a general invite for his ‘Firangi’ premiere, more than inviting glitterati, he ended up inviting the ire of indignant Twitterati — filmmaker-choreographer Farah Khan. Farah didn’t take kindly to Kapil’s ‘janta’ invite, indirectly taunting with her tweet, “Dear Mannerless people…DON’T send me a ‘janta’ invite on WhatsApp …”

The episode reinforced the reality that in this era of e-invites riding the social media, WhatsApp & Co are to digital invites what tabloid tidings were to the print era. “Janta” invites the social media has surely come to spawn, in all shapes and sizes of fonts and emoticon.

Almost gone are the days when engagements, marriages or second shots at marriage (sometimes succeeded by second thoughts) were first heralded by a dressy card arriving with designer chocolates or dry fruit. Now, WhatsApp & Co render it faster to ‘engage’ in group chats to announce knotty tidings with copy to all. Though there still are some Tweeple who follow-up WhatsApp invites by undertaking personal perambulations or phone calls, they are exceptions to the rule, and called the old school.

Flipside of ‘janta’ invite 1:

You miss out not only on Belgian chocolates that a real invite begot, but oftentimes miss the WhatsApp invite, ending up not only without dark chocolates but being in the dark, too.

The second sort of WhatsApp ‘janta’ invite pertains to ‘party toh banti hai’ jollifications of other kinds, a la Kapil event. Be it a premiere, a party for a promotion (professional or chronological) or a party for crossing the 1-crore mark at the office or box office, this ‘janta’ invite definitely doesn’t discriminate between Tweeple on ‘party’ lines.

Flipside of ‘janta’ invite 2:

Some invitees mind that you’re not to the ‘manner’ born, some snooty crème de la crème scoff ‘n’ skip your event since you are not to the manor born, others ignore an invite deeming it nothing major since it’s merrymaking for a ‘minor’ born!

Another ‘janta’ invite doing the rounds is that of the burial or barsi kind, for those late-ly departed or those consigned to the league of the ‘late’ long ago.

Flipside of ‘janta’ invite 3:

Since these e-invites for kith and kin’s heavenly journeys get badly buried in the colossal clutter of WhatsApp wedding invites and sundry texts, heaven forbid if marriages and mournings fall on the same day and, to top it, your smartphone (pics) plays hard to get! Minus a hard copy plus minus a soft copy, you may muddle up timings or venues and end up at a funeral flaunting frilly wedding wear, causing consternation that turns mourners more ashen white than funeral attire.

Other than inviting dirty looks to be darted in your direction by mortal eyes, you run the risk of annoying more than what meets the eye. Your ‘troll-itically’ incorrect sartorial slip may not only leave living Tweeple baulking, but invite action of the ‘following’ nature so intrinsic to the social media age:

Dead man stalking!

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First Published: Dec 09, 2017 21:09 IST