Ira Khan shared a new Instagram video on her birthday.
Ira Khan shared a new Instagram video on her birthday.

Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan talks about suffering a slipped disc at 19: ‘I cry in the gym’

  • On her 23rd birthday, Ira Khan shared a video on Instagram, in which she talked about how a slipped disc at the age of 19 left her unable to move the way she used to. Watch it here.
PUBLISHED ON MAY 08, 2021 04:00 PM IST

Ira Khan, the daughter of actor Aamir Khan, poured her heart out in a video shared on Instagram on her 23rd birthday. She said that she suffered a slipped disc at the age of 19, which has restricted her movement. She also vowed to take up a one-month workout challenge, of which she will post daily updates on Instagram.

The video began with Ira saying, “I don't know how to start and I don’t feel like, so I am just going to do it and go for it. I feel fat and now I am using the word fat like people do when they don’t really think about what they are saying and they just say words. Because I don’t actually mean fat. What I feel is heavy. I can tell that I have put on weight but that is different from feeling heavy. I haven’t done any physical exercise consistently for more than a month in over four years, maybe more.”

“I got a slipped disc at 19 and I am now 23. Today, I turn 23. I am still so far away from where I used to be. I cry in the gym not because I feel fat but because I feel unable to move the way I used to and it really bothers me. I used to jump off the bed when I was a kid, I used to hold the railing and half-cartwheel over it, never just normally get off the bed. And now, I can't get off a chair. I have to hype myself up, I have to pump myself with adrenaline to convince myself to stand up from a chair. Who thinks about standing up from a chair? I do and it has been bothering me and I have done nothing about it. It's entirely my fault. I let go so much,” she added.

Ira said that she eats junk food, convincing herself that she will burn off the calories, but she does not. Now, however, she wants to take charge of her life and take on a one-month fitness challenge. “I still, in my head, think that I am a fit person so I eat a bunch of crap, thinking, 'Oh, I'll work it off', but I don't anymore. And so yes, the added fat and weight has increased and affected my feeling of heaviness. Obviously, it plays a part in it. But I really want to be able to move and use my body the way I used to be able to,” she said.


Fitness trainer Nupur Shikhare, Ira’s boyfriend, will help her with the process. “I am starting a one-month challenge which will progressively increase if I manage to complete it. I am going to be working out 25 minutes a day. Popeye (Nupur) is going to be curating those 25 minutes and I am holding myself accountable by having to tell you guys every day about my workout. It's going to be five days of workout and two days of stretching and abs, so I will be doing physical activity every day for 25 minutes. It is only 25 minutes, so I have no excuse to not do it,” she said.

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Nupur cheered Ira on. “Game on @khan.ira,” he wrote, adding muscle and heart emojis. Fans wished her a happy birthday in the comments section and also hoped that she is able to successfully complete the challenge.

Unlike her father Aamir, Ira is not interested in becoming an actor. She made her directorial debut in 2019 with a play titled Euripedes’ Medea, starring Hazel Keech in the lead role.

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