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Dolly Singh on her ‘love-hate’ relationship with her body: Recently, I started avoiding people because of my weight loss

Jun 15, 2024 06:11 AM IST

Dolly Singh talks about her social media post about her body insecurities and weight fluctuations, and how she copes up with her own body image issues.

Recently, content creator and actor Dolly Singh shared an Instagram post about her body insecurities and weight fluctuations. Now, she has revealed she is still on a journey to accept her body the way it is, sharing that there are still days when she avoids people to escape getting feedback on her weight fluctuations. (Also read: Dolly Singh: The kind of industry that we are a part of, physical looks and outer beauty really go a long way)

Dolly Singh was last seen in Thank You For Coming.
Dolly Singh was last seen in Thank You For Coming.

In her Instagram post, Dolly opened up about how she gets shamed for her weight. She said that there are only a few people and places that make her comfortable in her own skin, but her home is not one of those places.

Love-Hate relationship

Talking about her reason to share the post, she tells us, “Like everybody else, I’ve had a journey with my body of accepting it, not accepting it, Hating it and loving it and all of that. I think why or what prompted me to post about that right now was just something on my mind. I recently lost a bunch of weight, which in my case is very normal because I tend to lose weight more than gain, and of course that also invites a lot of scrutiny with the fluctuating weight much like everybody else and I just happened to think about how I was avoiding a few of people just because I felt that this new weight or my new look will not invite great things from them or they will not be welcoming it maybe, wonder how safe space in the scenario is so important, it’s only a few people in your life that really let you be and enjoy and don’t make everything about how you look and your weight and everything else so I felt sad”.

“That was something that I wanted to talk about and also knowing that I was sure that a lot of people will be in the same boat. So yeah decided to share it through my Insta post,” added the actor, who was last seen in Bollywood film Thank You For Coming.

Constant journey

Dolly, who found fame through social media, admits that her journey to accept her body is still work in progress.

Recalling her journey, she says, “It has been a long journey much like every woman, I started with obviously as a kid, you don’t really know, and then suddenly you’re very aware of how you look and how people perceive you and that you don’t meet the beauty standards, even as kids and I think it took me many many years to really come to terms with the way I am, accept it if not love it”.

“If I’m being honest, I think it was only around when I was 25/26 is when I really felt like I was happy with who I was and how I looked and it didn’t matter. Of course there are still bad days but most are good . And honestly , I actually owe it to people on the Internet who follow me and say nice things because it has given me such a confidence boost and people who constantly put out such body positive content, so I think in the sense social media has definitely helped me a lot,” she says.

Not an easy process

Here, Dolly admits that the journey of self acceptance has not been a smooth sail.

Talking about her biggest challenge, she says, “I think it definitely has been constantly picking yourself up from pieces because it’s not like once you start loving yourself there are no bad days, so I think the hardest part is to keep doing it and keep reminding yourself that what you have is great and of course you can be fitter and whatever your goal maybe, but that doesn’t mean that what you have right now, the body that is providing for you is doing any less, or you should be hating it.

“Because sometimes I try to look at my body as a friend and that’s when I start feeling bad for how I treat it sometimes or how I say mean things to it sometimes so even if others are saying it, I think it’s hard to constantly remind yourself that that’s not how it is,” she says.

Ask her if she is completely comfortable with your body now, Dolly exclaims, “It is a journey..And it can be a rollercoaster, but I think with age and wisdom, it’s definitely been easier to navigate through the fluctuating way and body looks and skin, but it never stops”.

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