BTS: When Jin, V got into a massive fight during a concert and members had to intervene, watch

BTS members Jin and V once got into a heated argument over the timing of their formation. Following the argument, V was in tears. The duo eventually sorted things out. 
BTS members V and Jin. 
BTS members V and Jin. 
Published on Oct 12, 2021 07:09 AM IST
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BTS has always been a tight-knit group. While the members share a bond like brothers, they've also had their share of fights and arguments. One such argument took place during the Wings Tour in 2017 between Jin and V. 

The BTS members' argument began over a flaw in timing. Ahead of their concert, RM pointed out that there was an issue of spacing between members. During the discussion, V suggested Jin be a little faster to fix the issue. However, Jin explained he was trying his best and that he was having issues in judging the space. 

The issue grew intense when both of them tried to put forward their points. While Jin said that he was trying his best, V felt ‘discouraged.’ Fellow members jumped in to calm them down. Eventually, Jin apologised and ended the argument then and there. “Why did we even fight when it wasn't even a big deal? It wasn't a big deal. Why did I get mad?” V said in a post-interview. 

Just moments before the concert began, V couldn't stop himself from breaking down. RM quickly gave him a hug and brought the whole group together to kick off the concert. After the concert ended, the group calmly sorted the issue out. Jimin pointed out that despite the fight, V shouldn't forget that Jin is older than him. 

“You're right. I apologise for that. I acted selfishly. I talked to you with an attitude,” V said. “It's true that I disregarded you and that I offended you, but I'm older than you so that hurt my pride. I try to not impose myself on you guys because I think pridefulness is good for nothing,” Jin responded. "If I may explain myself, I never, not even once, tried to offend you. I've never thought, 'Oh, I'm just going to offend him,'" V assured. The members then left Jin and V alone to talk things out. The two singers ended up having a heartfelt conversation. Watch what they said to each other below: 


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BTS has been busy lately with their songs. Through the summer, the group released three songs - Butter, Permission to Dance and My Universe, with Coldplay. The group will now appear on In The Soop BTS ver. 


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