7 fitness trends to take to in 2019

Ahoy, those looking to finally get that transformation started, or up their fitness game — here is what is expected to grip fitness buffs’ minds (and bodies) this year.
From boogie bounce workout to Dand or the Hindu pushup, here’s your fitness forecast for this year.
From boogie bounce workout to Dand or the Hindu pushup, here’s your fitness forecast for this year.
Updated on Jan 12, 2019 12:51 PM IST
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Nothing gets fitness enthusiasts excited about a brand new year like new workouts and training methods do. And for those looking to finally get started on your yearly physical transformation goals, here’s some inspiration — experts Sapna Khanna, Jinnie Gogia Chugh, and Puranjay Jadeja forecast the fitness trends that’ll rule 2019.

1)Boogie Bounce Workout:

The workout is done on a mini-trampoline, where you jump intensely. The mini-trampoline comes with a safety T-bar handle. The idea is to perform a range of core stability exercise to burn body fat, relieve stress, and reduce stress. The exercise causes very low stress on your joints and ligaments. Boogie bounce workout delivers a total body workout that can be done by anyone. So, put on the music and jump.

2)Indoor climbing:

Rock climbing is a mighty tough form of workout even for hardcore fitness enthusiasts. However, living in the city, it ain’t easy finding a mountain to conquer. Nevertheless, this year, we can expect to see a rise in indoor climbing walls. Indoor wall climbing combines the benefits of cardio and strength training, increases flexibility of the muscles and tones them, also working on the core and legs. Rock climbing has also been seen to bolster mental toughness, a crucial aspect in gaining all-round fitness.

3)Small group training:

In the year that just went by, gyms and fitness centres started offering group classes in a big way. This year, expect gyms to offer training to small groups. The benefits of small group training include sustainability, affordability, higher motivation and sense of healthy competition — and support — among group members. And so, one is more likely to stick to a fitness routine.

4)Resistance band:

Sportspersons Virat Kohli and Novak Djokovic swear by them. However, 2019 is the year when the average fitness enthusiast will really take to them. Strong elastic bands that have handles at each end, they work by providing resistance against the direction of your applied force. Using resistance bands benefits muscles as well as bones, something that is not possible when using weights. They are portable, extremely cheap, help in injury rehabilitation and prevention, and help build joint and knee strength.

5)Kettlebell swings:

They’ve been around for a long time, but their importance has been overlooked. Come 2019, and the kettlebell will get the attention it deserves. Kettlebell-swing your way to increased power and muscular endurance; improved anaerobic capacity and a stabler core.

6)Dand( Hindu pushups):

The king of all exercises in India, neglected for years. But 2019 will be the year of the dand. Also known as the Hindu pushup, this is isn’t just a pushup — it’s a compound exercise, as it involves multiple muscle groups and joints. Its most important benefit is that it strengthens the spine. It also builds muscle on your entire body, increases endurance and makes your heart stronger.

7)Parallel bar:

You know about the pullup/chinup bar but this year, it’s the parallel bar that all fitness enthusiasts will be talking about. Used in gymnastics, these are two horizontal bars fastened to four poles, and placed parallel to each other. You can do exercises such as dips, L-sits, jump throughs on this. Benefits include core strength, wrist strength, grip strength and flexibility. It also helps boost multifunctionality.

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