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Bloated tummy problems? Try these dietary changes for relief

Jun 12, 2015 06:30 PM IST

A bloated stomach could be a sign of a medical ailment like irritable bowel syndrome or flatulence, and a change in the diet can provide relief from some of the symptoms.

Is your belly bloated? It could be a medical ailment or the result of a poor diet. Minor dietary changes help combat the problem.


1 Irritable bowel syndrome: This occurs along with other symptoms such as pain, constipation and/or ­bouts of diarrhoea. Cutting out cereal fibre eases symptoms. Avoid ­wholemeal bread, oats, muesli, digestive biscuits, cereal bars and all breakfast cereals.

2Flatulence: There’s no medical definition of excessive flatulence nut it is making life ­uncomfortable, cut down on beans and pulses, broccoli, cabbage, prunes and apples or food that has high non-absorbable carbs.

3Coeliac disease: If you are tired often, have suddenly lost weight and experience abdominal pain, you could be having Coeliac disease. This is an adverse ­reaction to gluten, found in wheat, barley and rye, and all foods containing them — pasta, bread, pies and some gravies and sauces. It is advisable to get a blood test done if you have these symptoms. If diagnosed, avoid any food containing gluten.

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