Ingenious mask alternatives for the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

Updated on Jul 26, 2020 07:25 PM IST
People all over the world are using ingenious hacks and tricks to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from the pandemic.
Creativity in the face of the pandemic(
Creativity in the face of the pandemic(
Hindustan Times, Delhi | | Edited by Jahnavi Gupta

To get through any tough stop, we need to think outside the box and use our ingenuity. What tougher situation could there be than the coronavirus pandemic that we are currently facing, in which to exercise our creativity for the good? People all over the world are using ingenious hacks and tricks to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from the pandemic and Hilary Myers and 10-year-old Matthew Valerio lend proof into some hacks amid Covid-19.

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Hilary Myers, resident of Ohio and mother of two children, made a ‘virus veil’ that is very similar in design to a beekeeper’s helmet. Initially, it was made so that she could prevent herself from getting infected with the virus. Hilary also realised that with the new school session quickly approaching, she would have to ensure that her children were being properly shielded from the virus.

The veil looks quite bulky but is built in a manner that allows free movement and complete protection. The body is made from a layer of flannel and satin. The visor, which covers the face, is made out of vinyl fabric that protects the eyes and does not fog. There is a drawstring attached to the bottom of the veil that allows access when one wants to eat and drink without taking off the veil. When she first wore it out in public, she received mixed reviews. Some were so delighted by her invention that she started getting orders for more, immediately.

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Similarly, a young boy from Rancho Cordova, California came up with the idea of attaching a mask to the inside of a shirt, after he misplaced his mask on the trip to a nearby grocery store. This simple invention can make life so much more convenient for children as they will not have to constantly fumble around in their pockets looking for their masks.

The design involves the mask being attached by two pieces of cloth to the inside of the shirt and when one wants to wear it, they simply have to pull it out of the shirt and slip it on. Once done, it can go right back inside the shirt and not hang awkwardly from one ear or get misplaced.

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