Humanities stream students can consider careers like law, public policy, cyber law and international law, says career counseller Jitin Chawla
Humanities stream students can consider careers like law, public policy, cyber law and international law, says career counseller Jitin Chawla

Know the facts that may help you choose right career path

Career counsellor Jitin Chawla answers queries that will help students choose the right career path.
By HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Delhi
PUBLISHED ON FEB 11, 2021 01:06 PM IST

Career counsellor Jitin Chawla, also founder of Center of Career Development, is very popular among students. With the aim of providing simple but detailed and scientific career counselling, he and his dedicated team have already conducted thousands of workshops and hundreds of career fairs in schools and colleges. Here he answers some queries which may help students choose the right career path.

Q. What are the emerging careers within the commerce and humanities streams?

Jitin Chawla: The top emerging lucrative careers in commerce are Certified Fraud Examiner, Insolvency Professional, Econometricians, Statisticians, and Fintech. Humanities stream students can consider careers like law, public policy, international law, cyber law, psychology, international relations, UX/ UI designing, design management, and public relations manager.

Q. What does a Certified Fraud Examiner do?

Jitin Chawla: A CFE is responsible for resolving allegations of fraud, writing reports, testifying to findings in front of a court, while also assisting in the prevention and detection of fraud. With the rise of online trading, dealings with cryptocurrencies, and banking transactions the role is in high demand with careers in RBI, large corporates, government and consultancy firms.

Q. Who are Insolvency Professionals?

Jitin Chawla: Insolvency Professionals are hired by both individuals or companies in the dissolution process of the firm, partnership, or LLPs. During the bankruptcy situation, insolvency professionals play a key role in helping to liquidate the assets and other settlement processes for their clients. IICA (a government body) has a two-year programme for becoming an Insolvency Professional.

Q. What’s the difference between statistics and econometrician?

Jitin Chawla: Statistics is the analysis and interpretation of numerical data to solve numerous problems.

Students are hired within both public & private sectors like banks, corporates consultancy firms like McKinsey, KPMG and also government bodies like CSO. On the other hand, econometricians is theory-driven using statistical data, quantitative measures, and mathematical tools to produce objective results in the field of economics. Econometricians predict that how global changes in economy would influence changes in petrochemical prices for a company like Reliance.

Q. How can a commerce stream student enter FinTech?

Jitin Chawla: FinTech, in layman’s terms refers to the design and delivery of financial products and services using disruptive technologies in order to reduce cost, improve efficiency and provide better personalised service.

Having an aptitude for thinking logically in a highly structured way makes you suitable for working as a programmer. Apart from teaching basic economics and finance, students also learn the start-up ecosystem, introduction to emerging technologies like APIs, Blockchain, AI/ML, Big Data, IoT and AR/VR and comparison of traditional vs new business practices. SP Jain, IIM Calcutta and many top institutes provide courses on FinTech in India.

Q. How can students study humanities work with corporates?

Jitin Chawla: Google hires psychologists to help HR teams identifying the right individuals connecting the dot between their experience and various roles within, they also hire regional specialists for international & cyber law as they operate at a global scale. Corporates employ, International Relation specialists, as Political analysts, lobbyists. Public relations experts are likely to join larger firms helping them manage their marketing activities through various media platforms.

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