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Sewing Machine Day: Handy hacks for budding seamstresses

By Ismat Tahseen
Jun 13, 2024 03:00 PM IST

Love spending time on your sewing machine? Make it a nifty job with these useful tips.

The sewing machine is one useful gadget that has made its way from the 1830's when it was first invented by French tailor Barthelemy Thimonnier. Back then it was simply a chain stitch machine that used a single thread, but we've come a long way, since! In modern times, the sewing machine now combines up to seven threads and different decorative stitches - including scallops, florals and geometric designs - to spin out creativity and fun! With so many creative possibilities, it's a good idea to embark on the hobby and begin with a mini sewing machine and then progress to more advanced machines. 

Use a few smart tips to help you have the best experience with your sewing machine (Shutterstock)
Spooling to stitching, get the basics right (Pexels)

On World Sewing Machine Day, here are hacks to help you get to sewing success, fast!

  • Choose the right needle first. There are a variety of pins out there for everything from cotton to denim, so use the size of the needle that applies to what you are working on.
  • The next thing is to connect the thread from the spool and bobbin to start sewing. Use any hairspray to help the needle threading happen.
  • Use the same type of thread on top and below to avoid breakages or thread jams.
  • When stitching along a curve, move the fabric slowly with both hands, avoiding any quick or jerky movements.
  • Create a seam allowance which denotes the extra space that you must have around your buttonhole or pattern piece.
  • Got some fabric, but unsure about what lines to use on it? Just practice on some older fabric (or a small swatch of the new one) and do a few lines and stitches there first instead of beginning on the fresh fabric and then unravelling your work if you are unhappy with the stitches.
  • When you begin sewing you will find stray threads out of the bobbin and needle. Pick them and hold them away from the line of stitching so they do not get entangled in it.
  • Always do a few backstitches to prevent the treads from coming undone.
  • Always iron out your fabrics before using them.

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