60 desserts to indulge your sweet tooth this I-Day

As Independent India turns 60, here's a list of 60 mouth-watering Indian desserts. Bati Tiwari asks you to check out what's your pick this I-Day.
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Updated on Aug 13, 2007 12:36 AM IST
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Hindustan Times | By Bati Tiwari, New Delhi

This Independence Day visit the mithai shops, ready with an array of desserts to tempt you with. From North Indian delicacies to those of the South, you can try any.

1. Besan ka ladoo- This preparation of gram flour (besan) is an all time favourite of sweet lovers.

2. Besan ki barfi- This is also a preparation of gram flour (besan) which makes for a yummy treat.

3. Boondi ka ladoo- Another dish of gram flour (besan). A must in all Indian weddings.

4. Badam ka halwa- A preparation of almonds. This is not to be missed for sure.

5. Badam ki kheer- A mixture of milk, almonds, sugar and dry fruits. Too difficult to resist.

6. Badam phirini- Another great recipe of almonds. Contains milk, rice and sugar besides almonds.

7. Basundi- An almond and milk concoction. One great dish.

8. Balushahi- Made of refined flour. It is another I-Day treat.

9. Boondiya- Boondiya made of gram flour (besan) is commonly found in all sweet shops.

10. Chandrakala- A preparation of refined flour, milk solids, sugar and dry fruits, this Begali sweet is a treat for all.

11. Coconut barfi (Nariyal ki barfi)- This sweet dish of coconut is easy to make and is an all time favourite.

12. Coconut ladoo (Nariyal ke ladoo)- This is a sweet dish of coconut and is also an all-time favourite.

13. Channar Payesh- One mouth-watering recipe of chenna (cottage cheese).

14. Channa dal Payasam- A coconut, split Bengal gram (chana dal) special.

15. Chenna Murki- A cottage cheese (paneer) delight.

16. Chenna gola- This is a preparation of cottage cheese (paneer).

17. Chenna Payas- A cottage cheese (paneer) special.

18. Cham cham- A Bengali sweet.

19. Carrot barfi- Made of carrots, dry fruits and milk solids, it is a lesser known sweet but is very delicious.

20. Doodh Pak- Made of milk and dry fruits. It sure is one milky, nutty delight.

21. Doda barfi- This is packed with the goodness of milk and dry fruits.

22. Gajjar ka halwa- A great recipe of carrots and a hot favourite among Indian sweet dishes.

23. Gujiya- A must during Holi in North India. Too yummy.

24. Gulab Jamun- Made of milk, flour, sugar etc, it is another sweet lover's delight.

25. Ghewar- A well known traditional sweet dish.

26. Gond ke ladoo- Made of Gond, these ladoos are also good for health.

27. Imarti- Made of urad dal, sugar and water, these rings are a great favourite among sweet lovers.

28. Jalebi- Made of refined flour (maida), these rings will make you go crazy and yearn for more.

29. Kaju ki barfi- A cashewnut special.

30. Kheer- A must on all occasions.

31. Kulfi- A milk preparation. Treat of all seasons.

32. Khaja- A delicacy of Bihar, is made of refined wheat flour, sugar and edible oils.

33. Kalakand- Kalakand can also be called milk barfi. One of the cheapest sweets available.

34. Lapssi- This wheat, sugar, almond and raisin preparation is also good.

35. Lavang Lata- Another lip-smacking Bengali dessert.

36. Makhana kheer- A preparation of white butter, it is one great Indian sweet dish.

37. Malpua- A must on Holi and Diwali.

38. Mysore Pak- A gram flour delicacy.

39. Milk cake- Another lip-smacking dessert of milk solids and sugar.

40. Moong ki dal ka halwa- Made of Moong dal, sugar and milk. It is not to be missed this I-Day.

41. Malai ke ladoo- A recipe from the grandmother's cookery book.

42. Mishti dohi- A sweet yogurt preparation.

43. Peda- In all colours and sizes will surely tempt you this I-Day.

44. Pan ki barfi- This has ingredients of pan or beetle. A great dish.

45. Puran Poli- Something you'll love to indulge in.

46. Parwal ki mithai- It is a dry sweet made of Parwal. The outer covering is of Parwal while the filling inside is of milk products.

47. Rabri- Another all-time favourite.

48. Rasmalai- Made of cottage cheese, sugar, milk and almonds.

49. Rasgulla- A very popular Indian sweet dish. No occasion is complete without it.

50. Rajbhog- Made of cottage cheese (paneer), milk solids (khoya), refined flour (maida), Semolina (sooji), Rose syrup, saffron, dry fruits and sugar, it makes for a very delicious recipe.

51. Rice Phirini- Made of milk, rice, dry fruits and sugar, this easy to cook dessert is liked by all.

52. Sabudana kheer- Can be had during fasts also.

53. Sooji ka halwa- A concoction of semolina (sooji), water, sugar and dry fruits. A very common preparation in Indian households.

54. Sandesh- A Bengali sweet dish. It will surely make you crave for more.

55. Sevaiyan- A concoction of milk, vermicelli, dry fruits and sugar. A special during Id.

56. Shrikhand- An Indian recipe of yogurt.

57. Shahi Tokda- This is a prepaaration of bread, dry fruits and rabri.

58. Shakar Pare- These small sweet rods are also fun to have.

59. Sohan Papdi- A preparation of gram flour and refined flour, it is available round the year.

60. Tiranga barfi- An I-Day special made of milk solids, sugar and dry fruits.

This sums up almost all. Isn't it difficult to decide which one to grab?

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