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Aarushi’s mother backs ‘killer’ dad

Aarushi’s mother Nupur tells a news channel that her husband Rajesh loved his daughter too much to kill her, report Ravi Bajpai and Kapil Dutta. Key players | The mystery
Hindustan Times | By Ravi Bajpai & Kapil Dutta, Noida
UPDATED ON MAY 25, 2008 01:42 PM IST

Aarushi Talwar would have turned 15 on Saturday and would have celebrated her birthday with her parents. But she is dead, her father is in jail and her mother was in a news channel’s studio defending him.

The father — high-profile dentist Rajesh Talwar — stands accused by the Noida police of murdering his daughter and the family’s domestic help Hemraj on the night of May 15 and 16.

The police say Rajesh was having an affair with friend and fellow dentist Anita Durani. Aarushi found out and was upset about it and became close to Hemraj while discussing this with him.

And, the police theory continues, Rajesh returned home on the night of May 15 to find his daughter and Hemraj in an “objectionable, but not compromising, position” and killed them both.

Aarushi’s mother Nupur, also a high-profile dentist, told a news channel that Rajesh loved his daughter too much to kill her. She alleged that the killer was “still out there somewhere” and her husband had been framed.

Nupur denied she was defending Rajesh merely because he was her husband. "It’s all nonsense, utter nonsense,” she said. "Would a mother protect a husband who killed her daughter? She would be an animal, not a human being."

She also said Rajesh was sleeping next to her that night, and that she couldn’t have missed if anything of the sort was happening. About the Duranis, she said they were like an "extended family".

Anita held a press conference on Saturday, with husband Praful by her side, to say the two families were "like an extended family" and there was nothing between her and Rajesh.

Rajesh made a similar pitch in a bail application filed by his lawyer Mahender Pratap Singh in a Noida court. "Talwar was implicated in false case on the basis of false and concocted statements," he said.

The police maintained a studied silence. In fact, they didn’t even show up in court to seek custody of the man they are accusing of murdering his daughter.

Additional Director-General of Police Brijlal, of the UP Special Task Force, refused to comment when contacted in Lucknow and the police unit in Noida had gone completely underground.

They need him and his help to secure a most important piece of evidence — the weapons of offence. The police said on Friday that Rajesh used a hammer and scalpel for the murders. Without them, the police case, which seems loose and banking on circumstantial evidence, may not stand legal scrutiny.

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