EU beckons Indians for research projects

EU invited Indian scientists and researchers to participate in its seventh EU research framework programme.

india Updated: Jun 08, 2006 23:04 IST

The European Union (EU) on Thursday invited Indian scientists and researchers to participate in its seventh EU research framework programme (FP7), beginning next year.

European Commission minister counsellor Andrew Sora said at the on-going Bangalore Bio summit that with a budget of euro 55 billion ($70 billion) for the seven-year programme, Indian scientists would have a great opportunity to undertake research in diverse areas such as health, bio-technology, food safety and agriculture.

"As the largest research and development programme the world over, FP7 will have a wide range of activities, including collaborative research, investigator driven research and fellowship," Sora said.

Sora, who is heading a EU delegation to India, Bhutan and Nepal said India and the EU share a proud tradition of scientific excellence and strong commitment to the growth of science and technology for economic growth as well as for society needs.

"The EU will look forward for participation by Indian researchers and research institutions in FP7, in collaboration with scientists and institutions in Europe. We fund their applications based on independent peer review of proposals for joint research projects or for fellowships," Sora said.

The FP7 will build upon the current FP6 programme that began in 2002. About 75 Indian scientists are participating in 50 collaborative research projects.

Among the institutes participating in FP6 are the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, Indian Institutes of Technology in Mumbai, New Delhi and Roorkee, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Energy & Resource Institute, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Tata Consultancy Services, Centre for the Development of Advanced Computing and Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad.

First Published: Jun 08, 2006 22:31 IST