HOT HUNK Fardeen no more a Playboy!

Fardeen wants to give up his lover boy image.

india Updated: Jan 25, 2006 19:15 IST

Hottest hunk of Bollywood is riding high, well if not on success then surely on love. Lost in love Fardeen Khan is even willing to give up his lover boy image. He tells us why.

According to Fardeen, he doesn't want to do any more of "steamy shower scenes" as it might disturb the marital bliss he is enjoying with Natasha. "I usually discuss these things with my wife and I believe she doesn't have any problem if I kiss my co-star on screen but I myself feel that I should respect her feelings and should not do anything which will let her feel bad or cheated. I love Natasha very much and if something is not within reasonable limits for her, I think I must stay away from it," says Khan.

After being tagged as a Playboy for playing romantic, flirty roles in films like Janasheen, Prem Agan, Jungle, Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena, Fardeen aims to break the monotony. He says, "Due to my roles in my initial films, I got tagged as a Playboy but after I worked in films like No Entry and Fida, I have been successful in breaking that stereotype. In fact, I am no more excited about

doing purely romantic movies. Initially, it was OK but now after doing couple of films I feel that I should diversify myself and in my last few films, I have consciously tried to experiment. I aim at doing diverse roles so that I get out of the mould of romantic roles."

The actor's last few films have failed to make an impact on the audiences. What does he have to offer now? "Now, all I need is a hit as most of past films have not been able to do well at the box office. Neither Janasheen nor Fida were upto the mark. Now, I have kept my fingers crossed for my forthcoming films. I wish I get a huge hit in the coming months," hopes the star.

We hope so too Fardeen!

First Published: Jan 25, 2006 19:15 IST