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I believe in Karma: Gul Panag

If going to a place of worship daily made my life any better I would surely have done that. These are just rituals which don?t really make sense to me.

india Updated: Sep 02, 2003 11:59 IST
? As told to Natasha Grover
? As told to Natasha Grover

If going to the gurudwara or any place of worship daily would make my life any better I would surely have done that. These are just rituals which don’t really make sense to me. I would rather that I help as many people as possible or be a true human being than indulge in such things.

I can remember Him anytime, while driving or just doing some non-descript activity. For me taking His name is very relaxing. I do it more for destressing than for a reason. When I can’t get to sleep or am tense about something He is the one I can always turn to.

I am strong believer in karma. I believe that whenever I do something bad it comes back to me. There is a higher authority that is the greatest equaliser. Life has to come a full circle and this could be anyway. The suffering is relative, it could be just a flat tyre when you need to get somewhere desperately but it will happen.

And mind you the revenge will be taken sooner than you think it happens. It’s just that we start thinking that we’re invincible and that we can go around doing whatever we want. That’s not how things are done and this realisation keeps me firmly on the ground.

Being a Sikh, the one place I would really love to visit would have to be the Hemkund Saheb Gurudwara, not just because it is the most religious pilgrimage place for us but also because I love the hills.

The virgin lands with all their vibrancy and positive fields of energy are the best to lift one’s mind and soul.

As far as spirituality is concerned, I have read a lot many authors on the subject ranging from James Redfield, Deepak Chopra and Joseph Murphy, but every time it’s a reinforcement of values that I already have in me. Latent or manifest, the self-help techniques that these books have on offer are already a part of my life in some way or the other.

Yoga is also a frequent activity for me. I trained in it in the US about two years ago. I don’t get the time to do it daily but I do make it a point to practise it as and when I can. It could be as often as five days a week or as rare as once in five months.

I also practise transcendental meditation at times but then again my tight work schedule doesn’t allow me to do it daily.

The most enriching experience for me is lighting a few aroma candles in the evening and remembering Him. The apple, cinnamon or vanilla flavours that permeate the atmosphere and flow through my veins is the most heavenly form of attaining that level of complete surrender towards Him.

First Published: Sep 02, 2003 11:43 IST