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‘I killed many kids and women’

The confession, in which he detailed his horrendous crimes, was recorded in a question and answer format, with the magistrate being the questioner. Here are some excerpts:

india Updated: Feb 13, 2009 00:16 IST

What is your name?

My name is Surendra Koli…aka Sadaram, these are my two names. I am a standard 8th dropout.

Do you know that your statement is being recorded and will be used against you? Are you under some pressure to give your statement?

No, I am under no pressure to give my statement. No body has told me anything. I want to unburden my conscience, confess to my crimes, and help the court. I am a poor man and I do not have the resources to defend myself…

Are you saying that if you are given resources to fight your case then you won’t want to record your statement?

No, I want to repent…No, I want to give my statement.

Ok, tell the court what occurred and what is your statement?

I started working at Moninder Singh Pandher’s house in mid-2004. Pandher is a kind of man who would be fine when his wife would be at the bungalow but a different man when she was not around. He would ask me to get call girls often at nighttime and would enjoy with them till the next morning. Sometimes his friends would also come. The police had raided our place once.


Gradually, after I would see him sleeping with two-three call girls, I started getting restless. I was a bachelor too. I started feeling that I should maarun, kaatun, khaun (kill, chop and eat).

I wanted to have sex, kill and eat the bodies later. I killed many kids and women…I would get relieved of the sexual pressure, and the urge to kill, dismember and eat up portions of the bodies after doing the crimes.


In January or February of 2005, I was standing outside my bungalow when I saw a girl passing by, who I later learnt was Rimpa Halder.

Tell me from when have you been feeling to kill, cut and eat the dead?

I would get this feeling when I’d see a girl, a great pressure would start building up inside me.

Then a lot of call girls started arriving at the bungalow, so I started getting “pressures of sex”, as in I wanted to have sex.

I can understand the pressure related to sex but why the feeling to cut and eat?

I am telling you about how I felt about having sex sometimes in a powerful, irresistible manner. I would try to control myself but would fail.

Why did you kill Rimpa?

I was suffering from this pressure to kill somebody and then cut the body and eat. So I lured the ladki inside the bungalow and did the crimes.

First Published: Feb 13, 2009 00:12 IST