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Is Holi a sleaze affair?

That time of the year when celebs are at their colourful best! But some hotties believe Holi is not as pure as it used to be. Some startling first hand experiences scooped out just for you!
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PUBLISHED ON MAR 22, 2006 06:09 PM IST

Lights, camera, action...and loads of colour! Well, this is not a typical day for hot stars that are clicked the most. It is that time of the year when celebrities are at their colourful best! The festival of colours is here but there are some hotties who believe Holi is not as pure as it used to be. Here are some startling first hand experiences that have come to surface...

'When someone aimed at my bust'
Rakhi Sawant:
Boys grab every opportunity to get close to girls. It has happened with me several times on Holi. There are men who pretend that they are applying colour on your face but in actually they subtly go down to other parts of the body. The more you try to escape from them the more they try to hold you strongly. There are desperados who try to feel your breast or waist. I remember last time someone aimed at my boobs with a balloon filled with water. It hurt me so much. Despite all this, I enjoy the festival very much. I dare to play it with all masti and enjoy it to the hilt.

'Holi is ideal fest for men'
Mona Chopra:
Men exploit every opportunity to get close to you. Male species is made up like that and they just want to enjoy splashing colour on a girl. I think Holi is an ideal festival for them. That's the reason I avoid strangers on Holi because I know what's up with them. Otherwise, I love to colour my friends and colleagues so that I can avoid any unwanted things to happen. Holi is time where you have to take certain precautions. I prefer staying in a close circle of my own.

Don't fall prey to eve-teasers!
Mumait Khan:
I believe it's a great festival that enhances social and religious togetherness. I take precaution to be away from those people who have a mindset to eve-tease on Holi. So, I advise people to have a group of their own so they can enjoy it to the fullest.

These are some sour memories from the Hotties and now over to the beefcakes of the glam world who feel the whole essence of Holi is to be naughty and mischievous! Check out what they have to say...

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